Forming machines

Forming machines are butchery and food equipment that moulds products from meat, vegetables or cheese. They form portions of a given shape or weight in an efficient manner. ERY Food Machinery offers the most efficient forming machines on the market. They will make your work easier and faster. We encourage you to get acquainted with the full offer.

The forming machines offered by ERY Food Machinery

At ERY Food Machinery we value high quality. That’s the reason, why every forming machine we stock, is of the highest working efficiency. We cooperate only with renowned manufacturers such as Marel, Koppens, Vemag or Deighton, who provide us with modern equipment, meeting all the required quality standards. Each forming machine for hamburgers and other dishes offered by ERY is a piece of equipment, that was created with the thought of a constant operation. The reliability of work is influenced by, among others, efficient components and special casings made of the most durable materials.

Safe and easy to use. What else can we say about our forming machines?

We are aware that a forming machine for hamburgers and other meat products should not only be efficient, but also safe to operate. Because of this, we offer you modern machines, that are controlled only by a few buttons. Intuitive operation and appropriate safety features make the machine suitable even for less experienced operators.

It is also worth mentioning that the forming machines are also very easy to clean, which further increases the comfort of working with the equipment.

More than just a forming machine for hamburgers

Each forming machine we offer is a piece of equipment that has great possibilities. The proposed devices are perfect for forming both meat products and other food products. When it comes to meat, forming machines can shape chops, burgers or meatballs. These machines are also perfect for producing delicatessen – products such as dumplings, gnocchi, noodles, potato dumplings, meatballs, ravioli and pies.

Thanks to their great capabilities, our forming machines are an excellent solution not only for butchers but also other meat processing facilities, as well as markets, canteens, hotels, bars, restaurants or catering and food service outlets.

Forming machines for hamburgers in excellent condition (and much more)

ERY Food Machinery is the place where can find used forming machines that still can impress with their impeccable condition and way of working. Our team takes proper care of every piece of equipment. The forming machines we offer are fully operational devices that have undergone a comprehensive overhaul before being offered for sale. After the purchase, we also install them at the customer’s and provide their service (inspections and repairs).


Take up our offer regarding forming machines today! We will be happy to answer your questions in a professional manner.