Weighers (multihead scales) are specialist devices which are mainly used on production lines. They make it easy to determine the exact weight of the goods, which effectively prevents any possible loss of raw materials. We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer, where each weighing machine provides the most accurate measurements and significantly improves the food packaging process – ERY Food Machinery.

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Marel TargetBatcher TBL-3000 - Fixed weight packing

Marel’s TargetBatcher has long been known for its accuracy and weighting for fixed-weight packaging. With 7 high accuracy static scales, with 14 buffer containers, TargetBatcher selects the best product combination in just a fraction of a second, making it much easier for processors to process multiple small product batches where a quick change from one product to another is crucial.

Top class weigher – an offer of ERY Food Machinery

A weigher is a piece of equipment that has to guarantee the highest level of weighing precision. At ERY Food Machinery, we know what a possible mistake at this stage of packaging can mean – the result is unnecessary product loss. To protect our customers from such situations, we rely on proven solutions, acquiring devices only from renowned manufacturers such as Marel, Ishida, Weitec or Cabinplant. Many years of experience, as well as an innovative approach to the production of equipment, had the effect that each weigher is characterized by the highest efficiency and accuracy.

Make yourself acquainted with the possibilities of multihead fixed-weight weighers

ERY Food Machinery offers you weighing machine models that are equipped with highly sensitive static scales of high accuracy. The offered equipment is used worldwide for weighing various products (fresh, frozen or glazed).

Constant weight balancers are extremely accurate and effectively reduce raw material losses. On top of that, some models have specialized software that allows you to track how the machine is working in real-time. The weighing machines that we offer also stand out due to their stability, simplicity and safety of usage, as well as the resistance to everyday operation.

Weighers as good as new – perfect technical condition of each machine

ERY Food Machinery offers used models of weighers. However, this does not mean that these devices are of questionable quality. All models are overhauled and minor repairs are being conducted if any fault occurs. The constant maintenance of the fixed-weight weighers makes them ready for use as soon as they are connected to the power supply.


We encourage you to check our full offer, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us – ERY.