We are a professional company that has a lot of experience in selling, buying and also servicing butcher machines of various types. In our assortment, we have specialized butcher equipment, which is recommended for use in both smaller and larger butcher shops and other meat processing facilities. For many years we have been providing the market with reliable equipment that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. On our website you will find both used butcher machines and new equipment for the food industry. ERY Food Machinery offers such machines for cured meat and the food industry as: butcher machines, dicers, vacuum tumblers, meat grinders, mixers, bowl choppers, metal detectors, vacuum stuffers, steakers, forming machines, clippers, slicers, weighers, vacuum packing machines, separators, skinners, and other butcher machines.

The above-mentioned machines and equipment for the food and meat industry are not all you will find in our assortment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the individual categories available on the website. In total, we have over 1000 pieces of specialized equipment that are designed for processing and preparing various types of food.

Linia pakująca i obkurczająca Reepack
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Automatic Packaging and ShrinkIng Line Reepack

Fully automatic vacuum packaging line from Reepack for food packaging includes BT1000DL vacuum belt packaging machine, ST80 shrinking tunnel and DT80 drying tunnel.

krajalnica Bizerba A500
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Automatic industrial meat slicer Bizerba A500

Bizerba A-500 is an automatic industrial meat slicer with innovative technology for weighing single slices, e.g. steaks, schnitzels, sausage slices and cheese blocks.

mieszałka próżniowa łopatkowa
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Vacuum paddle mixer 700 liters Velati

Velati vacuum paddle mixer is designed for mixing meat stuffings in the production of cold cuts, delicatessen, canned food, vegetables, fruits, sauces, etc.

wilk masarski 130 mm
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Meat grinder 130 mm

Meat grinder 130 is designed for grinding all kinds of meat, depending on the type of sieves and jerks used, you can get the right gradation.

Masownica próżniowa do mięsa
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Vacuum tumbler 3300 liters Gherri

The specially selected spiral shape of the blades increases the accuracy and uniformity of massaging. These shovels not only massage, but also gently mix the meat. The pulsating vacuum used in the tumlant significantly improves the quality of products while shortening the time of meat processing.

Marel Target Batcher
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Marel Target Batcher

Marel Target Batcher is very accurate, fast, compact and economical. It is great for producing a wide range of serving sizes and can be used for many products. It is often used to dispense products into customer’s packaging and can form portions weighing up to 6 kg.

Poly Clip ICA8700
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Poly Clip ICA 8700 - 2004

The ICA 8700 is the ideal machine for large calibers and moulded products up to a caliber of 200 mm. Fibrous, collagen, and plastic casings can be processed. The ICA can be additionally equipped with a slack-fill device for moulded ham and similar products.

Multivac T200
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Multivac T200 MAP/O2 traysealer

With its compact dimensions, you can use Multviac T200 semi-automatic traysealers anywhere. This means that they are ideal for butcher shops, delicatessen and catering companies.

Smażalnik Przelotowy GEA-CFS Koppens
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GEA-CFS Koppens fryer

Used GEA-CFS Koppens through fryer with br2000/400 is used to fry various products. Suitable for any food products that require frying; for example: chicken nuggets, fish fingers, burgers, croquettes, etc. Frying length: 2000 mm Top belt holds the product from coming to the surface Adjustable belt speed Sludge removal system Mechanical lifting of flaps and straps.

Panierownica Sucha GEA-CFS Koppens PRM 400 MEG
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Preduster GEA-CFS Koppens PRM 400 MEG

The Koppens PRM 400 MEG dry breading machine is designed for even coating of products with flour and spices. It will work in the production of products such as: chicken nuggets, chicken breast, chicken lower leg, seafood, fish fillets, fish sticks, burgers, onion rings, mushrooms, etc.

New butcher machines

On the website of ERY Food Machinery, you have an opportunity to purchase new, professional and modern butcher machines, which impress with their reliability, as well as the highest efficiency of operation. All the devices that are available in our assortment are carefully tested (regarding their quality) to ensure that you’ll get the highest quality. New butcher machines can be also ordered on the customer’s request. If you have any questions about the condition of the equipment or importing a particular machine, we encourage you to contact us.

Used butcher machines

ERY Food Machinery offers also used butcher machines. Of course, this does not mean that they are inferior in quality compared to new devices. All of the devices we acquire are selectively chosen, as well as continuously serviced. This ensures that our used butcher machines are in excellent condition at all times and guarantee, like the rest of the equipment, maximum performance for many years. A constant care guarantees that you are acquiring reliable equipment of the highest quality, despite its previous use.

Devices for the food industry

ERY Food Machinery offers much more than just butcher machines and devices. On the website, you can also find other food industry machines such as carrot peelers, slicers, mixers, slicing machines, stuffing machines, ovens, ice makers and many other devices that are designed for use in various catering establishments, food processing facilities or catering companies. We are convinced that our equipment for the food industry will meet your expectations regardless of the type of business. We encourage you to check out the full assortment.

Get acquainted yourself with our offer of inexpensive butcher machines.

The sale of devices for meat and food processing at ERY Food Machinery is based, above all, on the highest quality of offered equipment, customer satisfaction, as well as reasonable prices. We take an individual approach to each customer, therefore we encourage you to contact us to determine the details of your purchase. We would also like to inform that within the cooperation we offer not only inexpensive butcher machines, but also help in their financing (in form of leasing or investment loan).

Check out the manufacturer from whom we acquire food processing and butcher machines

The machines offered on our website for the food and meat processing industry come exclusively from renowned companies in the industry. Each food machinery manufacturer we work with has years of experience in producing high-quality and modern equipment that impresses with its quality as well as its efficiency. In our offer you will find products of such manufacturers as Treif, Velati, Loma, Marel, Vemag or Handtmann.