Slicer Holac HA 125 N

The Holac HA 125 is a semi-automatic multifunctional slicer. The device is ideal for cutting meat, bacon, sausage, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Industrial slicer, can cut into cubes, slices, petals or strips. Together with the device a set of a dozen grids and cutting discs.

Marel Platino 400 flattening device

Marel Platino 400 flattener

The Marel Platino 400 is used to smash steaks and poultry chops. Ideal for the production of ready meals. Flattener uses unique flattener technology for meat and poultry products. Suitable for boneless products, pork and beef. Marel Platino uses two drums that knead meat instead of flattening the pressure, Platino does not damage meat while…

Meat tumbler 2000 litres Nowicki

Meat tumbler Nowicki 2000 litres

Vacuum tumbler Nowicki MA-5-2000-PS with a capacity of 2000 liters. The device will work perfectly in the meat processing factory. The tumbler is equipped with a programmable control panel (up to 50 programs), smooth rotation regulation and a changeable direction of drum rotation. Model: MA – 5- 2000 PS Power: 4.1 KW Weight: 1190 kg…

Treif Zebra slicer

Treif ZEBRA portion cutter slicer

Trief Zebra automatic slicer This Treif Zebra meat slicer is designed to cut fresh and soft products into thin slices. The precision of the machine’s cutting performance is achieved by means of double-ground blades and adjustable feed pressure. Perfect for fixed thickness slicing of large sub-primal boneless meat – fresh or cooked. Min. product temp….

Lutetia tumbler 3000 litres

Lutetia tumbler 3000 litres

Renewed Lutetia vacuum tumbler with a capacity of 3000 litres. The tumbler drum is equipped with a hygiene flap for easy cleaning of the device. In addition, it has been designed to eliminate dead zones. The massager drive system has been designed to be reliable and require low maintenance. The main applications of the massager:…

traysealer ulma taurus 300

Traysealer Ulma Taurus 300

Base in a conveyor with rod bars to center and push the trays. Machine thought for customers that need to give their first step to total automatic machine to get higher production. Traysealer made in 2014. Machine packed fresh fruits. Thought to work with wide range of tray shapes. MAIN TECHNICAL FEATURES: VERY EASY TO OPERATE HYGIENIC…

tortellini and ravioli production line

Ravioli and tortellini pasta production line

Tortellini / Rivioli Line The production year 1998. 1. The cooling tunnel, Zumec Costruziono s.r.I ,type C-1 x 6 , year 01-06-1998 2. Pasteurizer, Zumec Costruziono s.r.I, type P-1 x 7,5, year 01-06-1998 Sizes of the pasteurizer. Tape width 1,2 m Width inside 1,4 m Width outside 1,67 m Lenght 8,60 m 3. Drying tunnel…

Handtmann sausage linking and hanging line

Handtmann sausage linking and hanging line

1) Linker Handtmann type 221-01, No. 433, year 2001 2) Handtmann type 240-21, no. 454, year 2001 3) Linker Handtmann type 221-01, No. 448, 2001 4) Handtmann type 240-21, no. 453, year 2001 5) Linker Handtmann, type 241-01, No. 447, year 1999 6) Handtmann  type 241-16, No. 502, year 2002

 Whole muscle stuffer Schröder HAMAX 800

Whole muscle stuffer Schröder HAMAX 800

The capacity of up to 1.2 tons per hour Only one operator required Exact calibre filling with defined filling lengths Can be connected to an automated double-clip system Cut losses reduced by up to 50% Skin consumption reduced by up to 30% • overall dimensions 2905 x 1000 x 1618 mm; • power 4 kW;…

Marel Platino 400 flattening device

Marel TVM Platino 400 Flattening machine

The Platino flattener uses a unique technology to flatten meat and poultry products. Suitable for boneless, non-frozen pork and beef, the machines deliver portions that maintain both their quality and shape after flattening. By utilizing two drums that knead the meat instead of straight pressure flattening, the Platino prevents damage to the meat while retaining…