Variovac Primus
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Thermoformer Variovac Primus

The Primus stands out with its high packaging performance – creating shaped, semi-rigid or sophisticated packages with ease. Its 4-point pneumatic lifting system improves the machine’s forming and sealing precision. Optional servo-powered lifting and cutting systems further improve the precision of the RAPIDAIRSYSTEM. Up to 80 recipes can be programmed and saved.

Alexanderwerk AW BS 150
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Vegetable slicer Alexanderwerk AW BS 150

The Alexanderwerk AW BS 150 industrial vegetable cutter is ideal for any processor. Its high efficiency and multitasking makes it equally very precise to squirt cabbage, and after replacing the blade we will receive slices from beetroot or carrots.

Treif Falcon Conti
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Portion cutter Treif Falcon Conti

High-speed cutting with extremely high throughput and continuously stands for. Based on nearly twenty years of experience in the area of cutting precisely weighed portions, TREIF developed the FALCON portion cutter. This Falcon has a digital display with a touchscreen.

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Ilapak Flowpack Delta 4000 3SS With Zipper - 2013

Horizontal machine, with bottom-fed film, with “long dwell” sealing system. The machine creates packages with 3 welds (3SS) and classic pillow type. The ability to apply strings to reopen and close packages. Drive the machine through servo motors.

Multivac R085
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Multivac R85 thermoformer - 2015

This used Multivac R085 Thermoformer is built in 2015. The machine has a film width of 420mm and there is a dye set on the machine with an exit of 300mm. The machine is equipped with 2 formats. Only 22 working hours on clock.

Multivac T200 traysealer
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Multivac T200 - tray packaging device

Semi automatic Multivac T200 traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. The multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up results may vary.

Multivac R140
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Multivac R140 thermoformer

High-performance machine with compact dimensions so this machine can easily be fitted into (existing) production lines.
This Multivac is a soft-film machine with a MAP (gas-flush) option installed.
Comes with 3 different moulds. The depth can be adjusted to make the mould shallow or deeper depending on the requirements.

Urschel J9-A
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Urschel J9-A Belt-Fed Dicer and Strip Cutter

Urschel J9-A allows you to cut into cubes and bollards a variety of products, including bakery products/snacks, spinach, greens, peppers, celery, broccoli, parsley and frozen meats.

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Marel TargetBatcher TBL-3000 - Fixed weight packing

Marel’s TargetBatcher has long been known for its accuracy and weighting for fixed-weight packaging. With 7 high accuracy static scales, with 14 buffer containers, TargetBatcher selects the best product combination in just a fraction of a second, making it much easier for processors to process multiple small product batches where a quick change from one product to another is crucial.

Separator Lima RM 500 S
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Meat and poultry separator LIMA RM 500 S

The Lima RM 500 S separator is used to separate meat from bones. The separator is intended for poultry and pork meat. The capacity of the appliance shall be around 3000 kg/h for poultry meat and 2000 kg/h for pig meat. The device is equipped with the belt feeder after complete refurbishment.