Vemag LPG 208
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Length Portioning Device Vemag LPG208 Servo

The LPG208 servo length portioning machine links sausages with the utmost accuracy in length and weight. It produces cooked and raw sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings within the calibre range of 13 to 40+ mm.

Meat tumbler with agregatte Inject Star 2600 litres
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Meat tumbler with cooling coat - Inject Star Magnum 2600

Designed to meet the needs of large and industrial sized meat and poultry processors, our stainless steel Magnum 2600 massager is equipped with a uniquely designed baffle that rotates and slides the product throughout the drum during processing.

ReePack ReeFlow 4s
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Flowpack Reepack ReeFlow 4S - 2016

Flowpack with a capacity of up to 130 packages per minute. The machine is ideal for packing sliced cheeses. The packer is equipped with a printer that allows printing on film when packing the product.

flow wrapper Ilapak Delta 4000 3SS 2014
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Flowpack ILAPAK Delta 4000 3SS with Zipper - 2014

The machine creates packages with 3 welds (3SS) and classic pillow type. The ability to apply strings to reopen and close packages.

Wilko-mieszałka Velati 180
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Grinder-mixer Velati 1000 liters

The Velati wolf mixer is made of the best raw materials, which, working together, allow you to achieve a satisfactory effect. In addition, a capacity of 1000 litres at a capacity of 1500-3000 kg/h will work in any meat processing plant.

Separator do ryb i drobiu
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Soft separator SEPAmatic 410

The SEPAmatic 410 belt separator has a simple design. Made of stainless steel, high quality thermoplastic and other materials approved in the food industry – makes it easy to clean. Optimal results are guaranteed by perforated sieves, which can be replaced in seconds.

Detektor metali APEX do mięsa
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APEX 500 Metal Detector

The APEX 500 food metal detector is intuitive to use and is not complicated. In addition, it is easy to keep it clean and carry out the necessary maintenance. For the food industry, reliability and health at work are important due to sanitary and epidemiological regulations and regular inspections.

Spożywczy wykrywacz metali
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Detectronic 606 Metal Detector

The Detectronic 606 food metal detector provides the highest quality of service due to its high degree of detection. A product that is on a tape moving within the machine where the metal will be detected will stop the machine.

Kolbe Wilko - mieszałka MWE 32
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Mixer-grinder Kolbe MWE 32

Kolbe equipment has enjoyed the recognition and trust of thousands of Polish and European meat processors for years. Thanks to strong and durable materials and solid workmanship, they can serve in meat production for years. Noteworthy is the fact that Kolbe wolves are devices that do not require frequent repairs and maintenance, so they are cheap to maintain and do not need special financial expenses.

Treif Felix 100
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Dicer Treif Felix 100

The Treif Felix slicer is an industrial food slicer. This compact dice and strip machine opens up a spectrum of possibilities and is ideal for industrial areas where emphasis is placed on the quality and quantity of sliced foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, fish and cheese.