dadaux titane 80 bowl cutter

Dadaux Titane 80-2 Bowl Cutter

The Dadaux Titane 80 is manufactured entirely from Aisi 304 Stainless Steel and lined inside with steel plates. The knives are manufactured in stainless steel to a thickness of 2 – 3cm, making them extremely durable and easy to clean. The monobloc frame is built from 18-10 thick stainless steel plates, to ensure high rigidity […]

handtmann vf 50

Vacuum stuffer Handtmann VF 50

Application: production of various types of sausage link products Filling capacity: up to  2600 kilogram per hour (5732 pounds per hour) Filling pressure: up to 55 bar Portioning speed: up to 420 portions/minute, based on the size of the link Portioning range: 5- 100,00 grams (.17 ounce – 220 pounds) Hopper capacity: 80 litres (21 […]

Meat tumbler with cooling

Meat tumbler with cooling Nowicki

Nowicki’s meat tumbler MA-1-1100 PS is designed for plasticizing in the vacuum: muscles, meat elements, small meats as well as carcasses and poultry elements. It ensures obtaining high quality of manufactured meat products. The control panel of meat tumbler is carried out using the Mikster MCM-021M microprocessor, which maintains the temperature and other parameters of […]

Multivac T200

Multivac T200

2010 year
moulds: 227mm x 178mm and 187mm x 137mm
up to 6 cycles a minute

Vacuum tumbler Henneken 1500 liters

Refurbished tumbler 1500 litres Henneken

Capacity: 1500 litres
Power: 3.5 kW
RPM: 2-10
Dimensions: 2415 x 1220 x 1720 mm

Handtmann VF 610 with HV 412 holding device

Handtmann VF 610 2006 year and holding device HV 412 2013 year in excellent condition. With performance plus points Performance plus points for small-scale producers with frequent product changes, lunch menus, catering… The VF 610 copes easily with large batches and is also suitable for a large range of products. Large range of applications The VF […]

Paddle mixer Nowicki for food

Paddle mixer Nowicki

single-shaft paddle stirrer
400 litres
2.2 kW

Handtmann VF 620

Handtmann VF 620 with HV 210 and HV 60/7

2002 year
twisting and holding device
loading arm

Laska meat angle grinder W 130

[SOLD] Meat grinder Laska 130mm

130mm head
2011 year
new cutting set
new gearbox
new engine

Meat grinder Krämer & Grebe GEA WW200

200 mm – head
2 gears
all stainless steel
suitable for removing nerveswith