Production lines

Smażalnik Przelotowy GEA-CFS Koppens
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GEA-CFS Koppens fryer

Used GEA-CFS Koppens through fryer with br2000/400 is used to fry various products. Suitable for any food products that require frying; for example: chicken nuggets, fish fingers, burgers, croquettes, etc. Frying length: 2000 mm Top belt holds the product from coming to the surface Adjustable belt speed Sludge removal system Mechanical lifting of flaps and straps.

Panierownica Sucha GEA-CFS Koppens PRM 400 MEG
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Preduster GEA-CFS Koppens PRM 400 MEG

The Koppens PRM 400 MEG dry breading machine is designed for even coating of products with flour and spices. It will work in the production of products such as: chicken nuggets, chicken breast, chicken lower leg, seafood, fish fillets, fish sticks, burgers, onion rings, mushrooms, etc.

Linia do produkcji kulek mięsnych
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Vemag line for forming meat balls, croquettes and burgers

Complete line for the production of meatballs, croquettes or burgers. The line includes a vacuum stuffer and vemag molding, a wet and dry seam from Meyn and an oil cruising fryer from M.Serra.

tortellini and ravioli production line
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Ravioli and tortellini pasta production line

Tortellini / Rivioli Line The production year 1998. 1. The cooling tunnel, Zumec Costruziono s.r.I ,type C-1 x 6 , year 01-06-1998 2. Pasteurizer, Zumec Costruziono s.r.I, type P-1 x 7,5, year 01-06-1998 Sizes of the pasteurizer. Tape width 1,2 m Width inside 1,4 m Width outside 1,67 m Lenght 8,60 m 3. Drying tunnel , Zumec Costruziono s.r.I, type I – 1 x 6 x 3P , year 01-06-1998 4. The rest of the equipment which is included in this line is from the year 2011 and 2012.