Meat grinders

Professional meat grinders are indispensable pieces of equipment in the meat and food industry. They significantly facilitate the grinding of meat, as well as other foodstuffs such as fish or vegetables. These devices are recommended for use in butcher’s, restaurants, canteens or shops. On the website of ERY Food Machinery, you will find only high-quality butcher machines (like meat grinders) that will ensure an efficient operation for many years. We encourage you to get acquainted with this category.

wilk masarski 130 mm
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Meat grinder 130 mm

Meat grinder 130 is designed for grinding all kinds of meat, depending on the type of sieves and jerks used, you can get the right gradation.

Wilko-mieszałka Velati 180
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Grinder-mixer Velati 1000 liters

The Velati wolf mixer is made of the best raw materials, which, working together, allow you to achieve a satisfactory effect. In addition, a capacity of 1000 litres at a capacity of 1500-3000 kg/h will work in any meat processing plant.

Kolbe Wilko - mieszałka MWE 32
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Mixer-grinder Kolbe MWE 32

Kolbe equipment has enjoyed the recognition and trust of thousands of Polish and European meat processors for years. Thanks to strong and durable materials and solid workmanship, they can serve in meat production for years. Noteworthy is the fact that Kolbe wolves are devices that do not require frequent repairs and maintenance, so they are cheap to maintain and do not need special financial expenses.

Mixer-Grinder Kolbe with portiomat
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Mixer-Grinder Kolbe with portiomat

Mixer-Grinder MWE 52 mixer with PM 150 portiomat is characterized by very high efficiency. It will successfully meet all requirements for the production of minced meat and sausages. KOLBE portioning machine, model PM150 for portioning minced meat, has an integrated conveyor. The weight of the portion is infinitely adjustable in the range of: 200 – 800 g. Intended for: Portion of minced meat in pressed, Cevapcicci or free flow form Application for the production of minced meat in meat processing plants and butcheries. General characteristics: The portion size in the range of approx. 200 – 800 g is infinitely adjustable by…

Laska meat angle grinder W 130
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[SOLD] Meat grinder Laska 130mm

130mm head
2011 year
new cutting set
new gearbox
new engine

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Meat grinder Krämer & Grebe GEA WW200

200 mm – head
2 gears
all stainless steel
suitable for removing nerveswith

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Meat grinder 200mm with loading

Grinder with a 200 mm throat diameter and integrated loader. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel. After mechanical service.

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Frozen meat grinder Palmia 330mm

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Meat grinder K+G Wetter 130mm

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Meat grinder 114mm K+G Wetter

A meat grinder from K + G Wetter with a throat diameter of 114mm is the ideal machine for a small and medium meat and food factory. The machine achieves a capacity of 3 tons per hour when working on a fresh product. The device is in perfect technical condition.

First-class meat grinders

At ERY Food Machinery, we know how important it is in the meat and food industry for equipment to guarantee top performance every day. Therefore, our offer includes professional meat grinders from well-known and renowned manufacturers. The many years of experience of companies such as Velati, Kolbe, Kramer & Grebe, KG Wetter, Laska, Seydelmann made it happen that all meat grinders (available on our website) are modern devices that can work daily for many hours. It has an impact on maintaining the continuity of work in meat processing facilities.

Used meat grinders made of high-quality materials

The meat grinders we offer are high-class, reliable devices. This is primarily due to the durable and strong materials from which specific machine components are made. Used meat grinders are most often made of stainless steel. This makes them very durable, resistant to damage and the impact of other harmful factors. On top of that, stainless steel is a guarantee that any used meat grinder does not affect (in any way) the safety, taste and other properties of the food being ground.

Professional meat grinders for butcher’s (but not only)

Meat grinders (as the name suggests) are devices that were developed for usage in butcher shops and other meat processing facilities. Every used meat grinder we offer will be a perfect fit in every condition – in smaller as well as bigger meat and food processing facilities. However, these types of machines are perfect not only there, but also in shops, restaurants, catering companies or delicatessen processing facilities.

The meat grinders we offer can be used to process rawhides and to grind various types of frozen, raw and cooked meat, as well as cheese, fish and other food products.

A wide selection of used meat grinders

Every used meat grinder we offer is a powerful piece of equipment. Our offer is rich in different models of these machines, which differ from each other in construction and technical parameters. We offer meat grinders with different parameters and different sizes of throats (among the models there are meat grinders having 130 mm, 200 mm, 330 mm, 400 mm and many others), which makes our offer addressed to a very wide range of customers (small companies as well as large meat processing facilities). We have meat grinders in different variations: horizontal and vertical, with agitator and cooling. Regardless of the model, any meat grinder makes work easier and faster in any meat processing facility or food service establishment. And all this thanks to:

Used meat grinders that are still in good shape

Although every meat grinder is used, it does not mean that it is of lower quality than the new models. All devices offered by us are fully operational and ready to use. All this is due to continuous maintenance and troubleshooting. Before selling the meat grinders undergo special inspections to guarantee you a successful purchase without hidden defects.

We would like to remind you that on request we can also service any of the offered meat grinders. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with each model that is available on our website. The ERY Food Machinery team is convinced that each of you will find equipment that will meet the requirements and make the daily work in a butcher shop, meat processing plant or other catering premises easier.