ERY Food Machinery
Comprehensive service for the food industry

Used machinery

Used meat processing machinery

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive range of food, butcher and catering machines.

We offer you over 1000 various machines – both ready to work and requiring small service work. In order to meet the expectations of customers, our offer consists of only the best quality equipment and machines coming only from reputable manufacturers and from reliable sources.

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Why to chose ERY Food?

  • The highest quality and performance of devices
  • Installation of machines in the plant and training of employees
  • Help in obtaining funding
Purchase of machines

Purchase of used machines

We buy catering and butcher machines instantly. We guarantee a quick decision on the purchase of the device, payment in cash or by bank transfer on the very same day when the machine is picked up, as well as our own disassembly and transport of the device from your facility.

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What does the ERY Food Machinery offers?

ERY Food Machinery is a place where we buy used butcher, food and food service machinery. We pay both for equipment that is ready to work and for equipment that requires minor service or repair works. We buy among other things:

  • post-lease machinery,
  • machinery that needs to be overhauled,
  • production lines,
  • as well as entire meat and food processing facilities.