Vacuum packing machines

Vacuum packing machines (packers) are devices which work perfectly well in processing and industrial facilities, in the food industry and also in gastronomy. The equipment prevents spoilage of products, which (thanks to it) preserve their smell and taste for a longer time. The packaging machines available on our website are advanced models that ensure maximum efficiency. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Each of you will find, at ERY Food Machinery, equipment that meets your expectations.

Linia pakująca i obkurczająca Reepack
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Automatic Packaging and ShrinkIng Line Reepack

Fully automatic vacuum packaging line from Reepack for food packaging includes BT1000DL vacuum belt packaging machine, ST80 shrinking tunnel and DT80 drying tunnel.

Multivac T200
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Multivac T200 MAP/O2 traysealer

With its compact dimensions, you can use Multviac T200 semi-automatic traysealers anywhere. This means that they are ideal for butcher shops, delicatessen and catering companies.

Multivac R535
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Multivac R535 thermoformer - 2011

The R 535 deep-chipping roller machine is the most customizable MULTIVAC machine system. It offers a unique variety of equipment options and extremely high packaging efficiency. The unique variety of R 535 solutions on the market allows MULTIVAC to meet the highest customer requirements.

Ilpra Easyform
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Food thermoformer ILPRA Formpack Easyform

The machine is an excellent packaging solution for the food and medical industry. Like all ILPRA models, the new Easyform can be customized with a variety of accessories, and its launch and program management is extremely intuitive and immediate.

ILPRA Speedy traysealer
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Ilpra FoodPack Speedy is a compact machine with high production capacity. The device is very easy to operate and, thanks to its design and tightness class, is also easy to keep clean.

Multivac R125
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Multivac R125 MAP/VAC thermoforming machine

The Multivac Model R125 does not require a large number of operational personnel, which significantly reduces production costs. The intuitive control panel is mounted on a rotating arm for easy operation and access to the machine. The device is equipped with a Busch vacuum pump. The Multivac R125 can pack in vacuum as in a MAP gas atmosphere.

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Multivac R145 thermoformer - 2009

The R 145 is the freely configurable model within the sector of compact thermoforming packaging machines. Thanks to an extension of the equipment range, the R 145 enables high output and quick format change to be achieved, as well as making individual pack design possible – right up to the efficient production of shaped contour packs or portion packs.

Variovac Primus
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Thermoformer Variovac Primus

The Primus stands out with its high packaging performance – creating shaped, semi-rigid or sophisticated packages with ease. Its 4-point pneumatic lifting system improves the machine’s forming and sealing precision. Optional servo-powered lifting and cutting systems further improve the precision of the RAPIDAIRSYSTEM. Up to 80 recipes can be programmed and saved.

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Ilapak Flowpack Delta 4000 3SS With Zipper - 2013

Horizontal machine, with bottom-fed film, with “long dwell” sealing system. The machine creates packages with 3 welds (3SS) and classic pillow type. The ability to apply strings to reopen and close packages. Drive the machine through servo motors.

Multivac R085
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Multivac R85 thermoformer - 2015

This used Multivac R085 Thermoformer is built in 2015. The machine has a film width of 420mm and there is a dye set on the machine with an exit of 300mm. The machine is equipped with 2 formats. Only 22 working hours on clock.

Multivac T200 traysealer
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Multivac T200 - tray packaging device

Semi automatic Multivac T200 traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. The multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up results may vary.

Multivac R140
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Multivac R140 thermoformer

High-performance machine with compact dimensions so this machine can easily be fitted into (existing) production lines.
This Multivac is a soft-film machine with a MAP (gas-flush) option installed.
Comes with 3 different moulds. The depth can be adjusted to make the mould shallow or deeper depending on the requirements.

ReePack ReeFlow 4s
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Flowpack Reepack ReeFlow 4S - 2016

Flowpack with a capacity of up to 130 packages per minute. The machine is ideal for packing sliced cheeses. The packer is equipped with a printer that allows printing on film when packing the product.

flow wrapper Ilapak Delta 4000 3SS 2014
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Flowpack ILAPAK Delta 4000 3SS with Zipper - 2014

The machine creates packages with 3 welds (3SS) and classic pillow type. The ability to apply strings to reopen and close packages.

Multivac R 126
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Thermoformer Multivac R 126

The R 126 is a pre-configured thermoforming machine with a wide capacity range. It offers the possibility of extended configuration for standard applications and allows for individual packaging design.

Multivac T 300 traysealer
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Automatic Traysealer Multivac T300

The smallest fully automatic traysealer from MULTIVAC is suitable for packaging small to medium-sized batches. It has energy-efficient drive systems and can be washed down. The T 300 can be configured with multiple tracks, enables a quick die change, and can be combined with discharge systems.

Variovac Rotarius
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Variovac Rotarius Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer

Named for its convenient rotating table, the VARIOVAC Rotarius packages fresh, refrigerated, and frozen foods in premade trays. This semi-automatic tray sealer has a compact footprint, ideal for small production areas. It provides 360° packaging solutions for smaller producers, butchers, and test kitchens. A dual die system allows packaging and product loading to occur simultaneously, in contrast to the single die in a traditional drawer-style tray sealer. Through this continuous process, productivity increases without increasing labor costs. Dies changeovers are fast and require no tools, so switching between applications or products is easy. Attractive packaging, improved food safety, and extended shelf-life…

Multivac T200 traysealer
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Multivac T200 traysealer

Semi-automatic Multivac T200 traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of its compact design this Multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. The Multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up results may vary. The digital MC electronic control can be operated simply and intuitively. A membrane keyboard, which is easy to clean, is used together with an LCD display. All the process stages are clearly shown on the easy-to-read display. Thanks to the 11 operating languages that can be set, MULTIVAC traysealers can be operated reliably…

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Double chamber packing machine Multivac C500

Multivac C 500 is double chamber packing machine. This one with vacuum and gas flushing system. Double chamber machines from MULTIVAC are easy to operate, clean and service. They offer the highest output on the smallest footprint and also provide impressive performance over their entire machine life thanks to their production output and pack quality. The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and thus guarantee reproducible packing results. MC 06 machine control with precise vacuum measurement in the chamber Machine dimensions W x D x H (with open chamber lid) in mm: 1,600 x 1,055 x 1,365 Sealing bar arrangement/dimensions:…

traysealer ulma taurus 300
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Traysealer Ulma Taurus 300

Base in a conveyor with rod bars to center and push the trays. Machine thought for customers that need to give their first step to total automatic machine to get higher production. Traysealer made in 2014. Machine packed fresh fruits. Thought to work with wide range of tray shapes. MAIN TECHNICAL FEATURES: VERY EASY TO OPERATE HYGIENIC DESING AND STAINLESS STEEL SMART 300 DIES, POSSIBILITY TO INTERCHANGEABLE WITH THIS NEW TAURUS 300 MACHINE   Sealing area: 300*400 mm Max. Tray height: 80 mm , optional 120 mm Die lifting system: Pneumatic Die change: quick and easy change Tray loading area:2 lines of tray….

Cryovac VS90 Flat Belt Vacuum Packing Machine
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Cryovac VS90 Flat Belt Vacuum Packing Machine

The Cryovac VS90 is a medium sized automatic belt feed vacuum packing machine designed for processing of fresh & cooked meat products, processed meats and cheese. This machine is PLC controlled and is programmable with up to 15 different programs with parameters that can be customised to suit particular applications, construction is simple and robust with critical components treated against corrosion to ensure machine life and reliability, 1 to 2 operators are required to operate the machine depending on product configuration, up to 2 cycles per minute are achievable, start and stop remote pump control, automatic product transfer, ultrasealing system which…

Multivac T200
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Multivac T200

2010 year
moulds: 227mm x 178mm and 187mm x 137mm
up to 6 cycles a minute

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Vacuum packer Tepro

Model PP22 is the smallest two-chamber vacuum packing machine produced by TEPRO. Equipping the machine with two packing stations (chambers) allows you to optimize the machine’s performance. During packing in one of the chambers it is possible to load the second chamber, thanks to which the machine can immediately perform the next cycle.

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Thermoformer Multivac M860

Multivac M860 is a device designed for packaging and automatic creation of molds. Thermoformer. The device has different types of forms. The machine will be used in meat processing plants. Is an efficient and reliable device necessary for product packaging. Producer: MULTIVAC Model: M860 Type: Packing machine – thermoformer Dimensions: 2000 x 950 x 4800 (mm) Power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N Power: 3kW Number of forms: 3 – 200 x 110 (3 pcs.) – 200 x 80 (4 pcs.) – 110 x 90 (6 pcs) Weight: 2100 kg Material: Stainless steel, acid resistant

Vacuum packing machines for professional usage

Packers are efficient food packaging machines that are the absolute basis of equipment in many food establishments. Vacuum packing machines are indispensable devices during the production and sale of food. Their usage significantly extends the lifespan of products.

Vacuum packing machines offered by ERY Food Machinery

Our vacuum packing machines allow you to pack your product in no time, effectively sucking out the air from the inside of the foil package and forming an extremely tight seal. All offered pieces of equipment guarantee extraordinary quality. In our assortment you can find efficient and reliable models of vacuum packers from the best brands on the market that have great experience in manufacturing and distribution of modern solutions, which are used by many companies and catering establishments across Europe.

A wide range of packing machines for hermetic packaging

We offer various models of vacuum packing machines, both with and without chambers. In the former, the packaged product is placed in a hermetically sealed chamber from which air is extracted, creating a vacuum. These types of packing machine models usually open automatically at the end of the packaging process and are extremely popular in the market. They are comfortable to operate and the packaging process is very fast. On the other hand, non-chambered (strip) vacuum packaging machines are much smaller devices in which only the end of the bag is placed and is sealed after the vacuum is created in the package.

Vacuum packing machines adapted to each customer’s needs

Each vacuum packing machine in our assortment is different, which means that each of you will find a model that meets all your requirements. We offer vacuum packing machines (packers) of various sizes and power (the bigger the device, the faster the packaging process), different maximum vacuum (the higher, the longer the product stays fresh), different suction pump capacity and different control (e.g. different number of available programs). The machines for hermetic packing that are available in our assortment differ also in weight and size, which will allows you to adjust the equipment to the specific work and type of facility or premises.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer and place orders. The prices of vacuum packers are highly competitive and kind to every budget. Feel free to contact the ERY Food Machinery for details regarding the selected equipment.