Vacuum packing machines are devices that are made for processing in industrial plants, in the food industry and in gastronomy. In our offer, you can find efficient and reliable models of vacuum packaging machines from the best brands on the market.

Our vacuum packaging machines allow for instant packaging of the product, effectively sucking the air out of the inside of the foil packaging and create an extremely tight seal.

We offer various models of vacuum packaging machines, chambered and non-chambered. In the chambered packaging machine, the product is placed in a hermetically sealed chamber, from which the air is sucked, creating a vacuum. Packaging machines of this type, most often, open automatically after the packaging process is completed and they are extremely popular on the market – they are easy to use and the packaging process is very fast. Non-chambered/chamberless packaging machines are considerably smaller devices, in which only the end of the bag is placed, which is welded after the vacuum has been created in the packaging.

We offer vacuum packaging machines (packers) of various sizes and capacities (the bigger, the faster the packaging process), with different maximum negative pressure (the higher, the longer the product stays fresh), different efficiency of the air suction pump and diversified control system (eg different number of available programs).

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of vacuum packaging machines and to place orders!

traysealer ulma taurus 300

Traysealer Ulma Taurus 300

Base in a conveyor with rod bars to center and push the trays. Machine thought for customers that need to give their first step to total automatic machine to get higher production. Traysealer made in 2014. Machine packed fresh fruits. Thought to work with wide range of tray shapes. MAIN TECHNICAL FEATURES: VERY EASY TO OPERATE HYGIENIC…

Cryovac VS90 Flat Belt Vacuum Packing Machine

Cryovac VS90 Flat Belt Vacuum Packing Machine

The Cryovac VS90 is a medium sized automatic belt feed vacuum packing machine designed for processing of fresh & cooked meat products, processed meats and cheese. This machine is PLC controlled and is programmable with up to 15 different programs with parameters that can be customised to suit particular applications, construction is simple and robust…

Multivac T200

Multivac T200

2010 year
moulds: 227mm x 178mm and 187mm x 137mm
up to 6 cycles a minute

Vacuum packer Tepro

Model PP22 is the smallest two-chamber vacuum packing machine produced by TEPRO. Equipping the machine with two packing stations (chambers) allows you to optimize the machine’s performance. During packing in one of the chambers it is possible to load the second chamber, thanks to which the machine can immediately perform the next cycle.

Thermoformer Multivac M860

Multivac M860 is a device designed for packaging and automatic creation of molds. Thermoformer. The device has different types of forms. The machine will be used in meat processing plants. Is an efficient and reliable device necessary for product packaging. Producer: MULTIVAC Model: M860 Type: Packing machine – thermoformer Dimensions: 2000 x 950 x 4800…