Bowl choppers

Bowl choppers are the perfect machines for the preparation of heavily crumbled stuffing, with high mass binding parameters. Because of them, you can effectively and accurately grind meat products, and some models also allow you to prepare masses for sauces and sweets. A bowl chopper is an invaluable support in the production of high-quality cured meat and pâté. On the ERY Food Machinery website you will find multifunctional devices adapted to work in all conditions. We encourage you to take a look.

dadaux titane 80 bowl cutter
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Dadaux Titane 80-2 Bowl Cutter

The Dadaux Titane 80 is manufactured entirely from Aisi 304 Stainless Steel and lined inside with steel plates. The knives are manufactured in stainless steel to a thickness of 2 – 3cm, making them extremely durable and easy to clean. The monobloc frame is built from 18-10 thick stainless steel plates, to ensure high rigidity during use, with no vibration. The clearance between bowl and lid is down to a minimum which enables the production of fine products in a very short space of time with a minimum amount of heat produced during cutting. Both the lid and frame contain no…

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Vacuum Bowl Cutter Kilia 5000 Express 200 ltr

The highest quality is expressed even in the machine body itself. Extreme stabili- ty, guaranteed by the machines round construction, gives the machine vibration- free operation. The special construction of the knife lid ensures effective heat isolation and at the same time reduces the noise emission level. With the additional aid of the noise reduction lid, unprecedented low d. B. (A) – levels are achieved. With a newly developed mode of fabri- cation, the precision in manufacturing the knife shaft has been raised signifi- cantly. Adjustable bearing flanges, which are fixed with pusher type air- screws, allow an exact adjustment of…

ERY Food Machinery offers bowl choppers

A professional bowl chopper for meat must guarantee the highest performance, which is why all the equipment that ERY Food Machinery offers comes from trusted and renowned manufacturers that always put quality first. In our assortment you will find equipment from companies such as Kilia, Laska, Nowicki, Seydelmann, GEA, Talsa, KG Wetter or Dadaux, which have been supplying the market with reliable meat processing equipment for many years.

Bowl choppers – a wide selection of professional meat equipment

There is a variety of chopping devices. You can find several types of these devices on the ERY Food website, which are easy to adapt to your requirements. We offer a wide range of bowl choppers, among which there are such models as:

The range includes many models with different bowl capacities (e.g. 65 l, 80 l or even 200 l), which will allow you to choose a device perfectly suited to your preferences and work specifics. On the website, you will also find, among other things, a kitchen bowl chopper with waterproof and highly visible buttons, which will result in a safe and easy operation in any conditions. Thanks to the rich offer we can meet the expectations even of the most demanding customers. Our bowl choppers allow you to grind your product very quickly without generating high temperatures, and they are easy to clean.

Industrial bowl choppers not only for butchers

The bowl chopper in the gastronomy often proves to be indispensable in everyday work – not only in butcher shops. Every bowl chopper that ERY Food Machinery offers is a multifunctional piece of equipment designed not only for use in butcher shops. Our bowls choppers are a perfect solution for meat processing facilities, delicatessen, the widely understood food industry and even for large hotels as well as exclusive restaurants.

Robust and reliable bowl choppers

The bowl choppers we offer are high-quality machines made of stainless steel. Because of the used materials, the equipment is extremely robust and reliable. Our bowl choppers were constructed with attention to every detail, which results in high resistance in daily use as well as extends their lifespan. Bowl choppers offered by ERY Food Machinery are professional machines that stand out due to their high functionality and high comfort of use. The efficiency and precision of the work is influenced by the special design, as well as hard and sharp knives ensuring a perfect mincing of cured meats.

Used bowl choppers with constant service and guaranteed quality

The used bowl choppers we offer are machines that in no way differ in quality from new equipment. At ERY Food Machinery, we take care of every piece of equipment in such a way that the devices are ready for use at any time. Each and every bowl chopper in our assortment is a working device after a comprehensive overhaul. The purchased bowl chopper can be additionally covered by the installation service in the production plant and maintenance service. Our consultants will suggest which chopper model will be the best for you and will help you arrange all the formalities related to the purchase and transport.


We encourage you to get acquainted with the full range of equipment available at ERY Food Machinery.