The steaker is a professional machine for cutting meat

A steaker is nothing more than a machine for slicing meat products – both with and without bones. Portions of meat prepared in this way can be served to customers after frying or deep-frozen and sold in shops or to caterers and restaurants.

ERY offers professional equipment for slicing pork loins and steaks

The offer of ERY Food Machinery includes professional equipment that stands out due to reliability and efficiency, which are the main features of a steaker. A meat and steak slicer should be designed for working long hours. That’s why, for the sake of our customers’ success, we acquire only the most modern equipment from renowned companies such as Treif or Dadaux, among others.

High-performance meat cutting machines

Our assortment of steakers includes many different models to suit different user expectations. We offer devices made of high-class stainless steel, which individual parts have been perfectly fitted and are easy to clean. Our steakers for catering are reliable machines that, thanks to their design, allow you to cut meat in a very precise way. The gastronomic steakers offered by ERY Food Machinery stand out also due to high efficiency (e.g. up to 180 cuts/minute) and high power (such as 2,6 kW).

The steaker – a meat and steak slicer for gastronomy

Our wide assortment of products includes modern and efficient steakers. These are indispensable machines in many restaurants, canteens, catering companies, wedding halls, meat processing facilities and even in butcher shops. Steakers are considered to be mandatory wherever the final product is being made on a large scale; where pieces of meat have to be prepared independently, from which dishes such as hamburgers, steaks, bites, minced chops, rashers or schnitzels are made; where the customer is offered to break a piece of meat into chops, increasing the attractiveness of a meat stand.


The gastronomic steakers we offer are fully operational devices that were comprehensively overhauled. We also provide the service and installation of these devices.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us – we remain at your disposal.