Our wide range includes modern and efficient steakers,
which are irreplaceable machines in many restaurants, canteens, catering companies,
wedding halls, meat processing plants, and even in butcher shops. Steakers are mandatory wherever
a final product is produced on a large scale; where individual pieces of meat are made, from which dishes
such as hamburgers, steaks, bits, ground chops, slips or schnitzels are made; where the customer is offered breaking
a piece of meat for chops, increasing the attractiveness of the meat stand.

Steakers are an ideal solution to prepare a high-quality product for frying or cooking.
Thanks to that electric device you can significantly speed up the work and automatize breaking chops,
steaks, hamburgers, etc. Prepared meat portions can be served to customers after frying or deep-freezing
and sold in stores or to gastronomy and restaurants.

Steakers offered by us are fully functional and have been subjected to professional verification.
We also provide them for servicing and installation.

Our range of steakers includes many different models,
adjusted to the different expectations of users. We offer devices made of high-grade stainless steel,
which individual parts have been perfectly fitted and are easy to clean. Our choppers are reliable machines that thanks to their design allow to break meat in such a way that the loss of its weight is much smaller compared to traditional, manual breaking of meat with a mallet.

Order one of our reliable steakers today!

Portion cutter Treif Jaguar 700
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Portion cutter Treif Jaguar 700

The Treif JAGUAR slicing and portion cutting machine is characterised by a simple design, high functionality and operational safety. The wide variety of cutting applications make it ideal for use in the butcher‘s trade, canteen kitchens and supermarkets. Industry and mega markets appreciate the high capacity as well. JAGUAR has the capability to slice bone-in products as well as boneless products. The chilled or frozen products are cut at temperatures as cold as -4 °C/ 24.8 °F. Max. cut-off length (mm/inch): 0,5-30 Max. cuts per minute: 180 Cross-section of product w x h (mm): 200 x 190 Max. infeed length (mm):…