Meet our company

ERY is specialising in sales, purchase, and repair of machinery for food and meat industry. Our experience and dedication translate into the quality of our services. We solely depend on the best products related used machinery and packaging sector. 

Our mission

Raising standards

Our mission is to improve the standards of the food industry by offering carefully selected machinery which can make the work in the facilities providing food-related services and food sector companies more efficient.

In our machine park, we have over one thousand machines, including such equipment as vacuum tumblers, filling machines, meat cutters, combi-steam ovens, smoking trolleys, clipping machines, and ice makers. On the client’s request, we acquire new or used equipment from trusted suppliers.


We control the whole process

We supervise the whole process ourselves; therefore, the client can be confident that selected machinery will be delivered in a perfect condition, following prior inspection. We also offer food industry equipment servicing. Owing to our professional services, we extend the equipment’s lifespan, fix malfunctions, and clean the machinery. We assist our clients in the machinery selling process, offering agency services. We are also repurchasing the equipment directly. We have our offices in Warsaw and London. We operate on the European market, exporting 80% of our products abroad. Our long-standing experience and extensive network of contacts is an efficient transaction and client satisfaction guarantee.