Food mixers

A vacuum meat mixer is a piece of professional catering equipment, which is designed for mixing meat stuffing. This device is mainly used in butcher shops, as well as catering establishments, where various types of sausages or canned food are produced. On the website of ERY Food Machinery you can find meat mixers characterized by outstanding performance and reliability. We encourage you to take a look at our full assortment.

Mieszałka do farszu 300 litrów
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Paddle mixer for food with tilting bowl

ASGO paddle mixer with a capacity of 300 liters for mixing meats, stuffing, salads, and vegetables. The device is equipped with a tilting bowl and two “T” type paddle arms. The device is controlled using an intuitive operator panel.

mieszałka próżniowa łopatkowa
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Vacuum paddle mixer 700 liters Velati

Velati vacuum paddle mixer is designed for mixing meat stuffings in the production of cold cuts, delicatessen, canned food, vegetables, fruits, sauces, etc.

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ASGO mixer 450 litres "Z type" vacuum

The “Z” mixer is designed for very intensive mixing of highly shredded dense and heavy meat stuffings e.g. in kebab production as well as bakery and confectionery masses.

mieszałka z załadunkiem
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Paddle mixer with grinding head

Paddle mixer-grinder designed for grinding and mixing meat products. The large diameter of the throat (180 mm) ensures efficient work with the initial product. The device is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, making it resistant to external influences. Powerful and durable components ensure productivity throughout operation and extend the life of your device.

Mieszalka typu Z 300 litrow
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Mixer type Z - ASGO MAZ300

The ASGO paddle mixer is an efficient, durable and reliable machine used in the production of almost any type of food – sausages, moulded hams, pies, burgers, minced meat, meatballs, croquettes, kebabs, cakes, fish, cheeses, sauces, etc. The ASGO Z-type mixer meets all necessary safety standards.

Wilko-mieszałka Velati 180
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Grinder-mixer Velati 1000 liters

The Velati wolf mixer is made of the best raw materials, which, working together, allow you to achieve a satisfactory effect. In addition, a capacity of 1000 litres at a capacity of 1500-3000 kg/h will work in any meat processing plant.

Vacuum mixer Ekomex
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Vacuum mixer Ekomex ML 1000 V

Vacuum paddle mixer Ekomex in excellent working condition. Made in 2015 and only few hundred on clock. Mixers dedicated for medium and big size industry, ideally suited for mixing commonly produced stuffing, especially meat from the following range: pet food, sausage, ham sausage, fine and coarsely shredded. Universal design and a large range of parameters make the machine ideal for the production of high-yield and traditional products, low hydrated, as well as for standardization, averaging, pickling meats during the production of cured meats, delicatessen, canned food, pates, ready meals, salads, groats, and frozen food. Smooth mixing speed adjustment and vacuum also…

Paddle mixer Nowicki for food
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Paddle mixer Nowicki

single-shaft paddle stirrer
400 litres
2.2 kW

ERY Food Machinery offers meat mixer

A meat mixer (meat mixing machine) is a device that must, above all, be functional and efficient for many hours. The correct operation of the machine is of great importance in terms of maintaining continuity in production. Because of this at ERY Food Machinery we acquire only the highest quality meat mixers from renowned companies such as Velati, ASGO or Nowicki. The cooperation with renowned producers allowed us to enrich our assortment with modern equipment that ensures safe and effective work in every meat processing plant (but not only there).

High-quality production with electric meat mixers

Every meat mixer offered by ERY Food Machinery is top-notch equipment. Manufacturers, from whom we purchase equipment, bet on workmanship based on strong materials that are resistant to wear and tear, as well as damage of various types. Our food mixers are durable constructions, often made of stainless steel or other materials approved for contact with food products. Because of this, you have a guarantee that the meat mixer from our offer will serve in your everyday work for many years and will not affect the taste and other properties of produced products in any way.

Stuffing mixers that are designed to make work easier and faster

Professional butcher’s, meat processing facilities or other catering establishments are places where time often plays a crucial role. Therefore, a stuffing mixer should be present where huge amounts of meat and other products are produced every day. This device makes mixing stuffing, sauce or other liquid products much easier and faster.  Thanks to the automation, no effort is required and the mixing itself is significantly shorter than when using manual accessories. The offer of ERY Food Machinery includes vacuum mixers powered by modern electric motors and having, among other things, ergonomically shaped tanks that facilitate the unloading of stuffing. These components are also very easy to clean, which makes the care of the devices less of a problem.

Meat mixers are devices for butcher’s (but not only)

Our offer includes reliable meat mixers, which are perfect for accurate and fast mixing of various types of meats and stuffing, used for the production of cured meats, delicatessen products, canned food, etc. We offer a wide range of models of food mixers that can be used in meat processing facilities, restaurants, catering companies and the widely understood meat industry. These are high-class devices that meet all the standards in force in the European Union.

Mixers for dough, vegetables and other products offer much more than just mixing

On our website you will find our open food mixers for a wide range of applications. These devices can be successfully used not only for stuffing, but also for mixing dough, sauces, vegetables, salads, cheese and many other food products. Universal construction, high power and range of parameters make some models of sausage mixers serve not only for the production of products but also for standardization, curing or averaging of meats, sausages, salads, frozen foods and other products.

Used meat mixers in perfect condition

The used meat mixers we offer are in no way inferior to new models. This is all thanks to the constant maintenance that we perform periodically. Food mixers in our assortment are fully operational, they have undergone a comprehensive overhaul. At the customer’s request, we can install the device in the indicated place and cover it with service care.

Which model of the sausage mixer should you choose?

Are you wondering which food paddle mixer will be suitable? If so, we encourage you to contact us. Our experienced consultants will advise you on how to choose the best model. We are confident to find the perfect device for your needs thanks to our wide range of food mixers. Each model is an easy to use and proven machine.