Cured meat slicers are butcher and food machines that cut products into smaller pieces. These devices continuously and efficiently slice or dice the products and make the life of any cook easier. We encourage you to get acquainted and with our offer and benefit. ERY Food Machinery ensures that each and every slicer stands out due to the highest efficiency and occupational safety.

krajalnica Bizerba A500
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Automatic industrial meat slicer Bizerba A500

Bizerba A-500 is an automatic industrial meat slicer with innovative technology for weighing single slices, e.g. steaks, schnitzels, sausage slices and cheese blocks.

Krajalnica automatyczna Bizerba A510
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Bizerba A510 Automatic Industrial Slicer

The Bizerba A510 is fully automatic and has a scale. The product to be inserted shall be brought in accordance with the programmes to be set, cut and stacked or folded into a tile on a conveyor belt divided into portions.

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Fam Yuran belt slicer

Cutting machine designed for cutting various fruit, vegetable and meat products, from frozen products to chilled or hot cooked products. High yield in cutting products such as peppers, spinach and dried tomatoes.

Urschel GK
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Slicer Urschel GK

In a company specializing in food processing, a device for efficient slicing of vegetables and fruits will be an indispensable help. This process should be optimized – both fast and efficient. After all, time is money, but its saving should not negatively affect the quality of the product. These requirements are met by the urschel model gk professional grinder.

Urschel OV
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Slicer Urschel OV

Slicers, chipboards, cubers, shredders are some of the machines often used in food processing. These are cutting devices for slices, cubes or chips, they can also shred them. Granulators (e.g. nuts) also apply to certain industries. These are machines necessary for the processing of various food products, with highly advanced technology.

Pepper decorer Sormac PO-30
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Sormac PO-30 Bell pepper decoring machine

Sormac PO-30, is an automatic machine for removing ora nests cutting segmented peppers. The machine treats peppers from 70 mm to 140 mm. Sormac PO-30 removes the seed nests and then cuts according to the knife settings into halves, quarters or eights The device can process 2800 peppers per hour.  

Alexanderwerk AW BS 150
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Vegetable slicer Alexanderwerk AW BS 150

The Alexanderwerk AW BS 150 industrial vegetable cutter is ideal for any processor. Its high efficiency and multitasking makes it equally very precise to squirt cabbage, and after replacing the blade we will receive slices from beetroot or carrots.

Treif Falcon Conti
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Portion cutter Treif Falcon Conti

High-speed cutting with extremely high throughput and continuously stands for. Based on nearly twenty years of experience in the area of cutting precisely weighed portions, TREIF developed the FALCON portion cutter. This Falcon has a digital display with a touchscreen.

Urschel J9-A
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Urschel J9-A Belt-Fed Dicer and Strip Cutter

Urschel J9-A allows you to cut into cubes and bollards a variety of products, including bakery products/snacks, spinach, greens, peppers, celery, broccoli, parsley and frozen meats.

Treif Divider 800
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Slicer TREIF Divider 800

The TREIF Divider 800 is designed for cutting food products such as boneless meat, sausage, cheese or fish. The TREIF Divider 800 is most commonly used to slice any cold cuts and hard cheeses. It is characterized by high efficiency: up to 3,200 patches per minute. Cutting range from 0.5 to 20 mm (setting accuracy 1/100mm). The unit is equipped with 3 spare cutting knives, 10 cutting frames and many spare parts.

krajalnica treif puma
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Slicer Treif Puma 1100 EB

When performance and precision align, PUMA certainly makes the cut — even at speeds of up to 400 cuts per minute (with the double blade). This is true for cutlets, steaks, schnitzel, pork belly, bacon or German meatloaf, or whether it‘s fresh, chilled or frozen down to -4 °C / 24.8 °F. The flexible PUMA can cover a wide variety of products with minimum set-up times. 400 cuts per minute Max. cut-off length: 0,5 – 250 mm Cross-section of product: 220 x 240 mm Max. Infeed length: 1100 mm    

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Slicer Holac HA 125 N

The Holac HA 125 is a semi-automatic multifunctional slicer. The device is ideal for cutting meat, bacon, sausage, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Industrial slicer, can cut into cubes, slices, petals or strips. Together with the device a set of a dozen grids and cutting discs.

Treif Zebra slicer
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Treif ZEBRA portion cutter slicer

Trief Zebra automatic slicer This Treif Zebra meat slicer is designed to cut fresh and soft products into thin slices. The precision of the machine’s cutting performance is achieved by means of double-ground blades and adjustable feed pressure. Perfect for fixed thickness slicing of large sub-primal boneless meat – fresh or cooked. Min. product temp. -5°C Cutting thickness 2 mm – 200 mm Insert Section 610 mm x 145 mm Maximum insertion length 380 mm Power 4,4 kW

ERY Food Machinery offers cured meat slicers

If you are looking for modern and reliable machines to keep the workflow in regards to preparing meat and other food products, this would be a perfect fit. Every professional industrial cured meat slicer we offer is top-notch equipment. We are aware of the fact that this type of gastronomic equipment must be adjusted to continuous work – that is why we reach only for proven solutions, purchasing from such renowned producers as Treif, Urschel, Alexanderwerk or FAM. Because of this, each and every slicer from our assortment guarantees a successful purchase that will last for many years.

The excellent workmanship of our meat slicers

In order to impress with its reliability for a long time, a meat slicer should be properly designed. And this is exactly the kind of devices you can find in ERY’s assortment. In our offer assortment, you will find machines that are made of qualitative, durable materials such as stainless steel, which guarantees high resistance to wear and tear as well as mechanical damage. At the same time, this material remains inert to the products and does not affect their taste in any way. Every meat slicer is completely safe when it comes to contact with food.

ERY Food Machinery has industrial slicers that guarantee efficiency

A professional industrial slicer is a piece of equipment that must provide maximum efficiency at work, in both smaller and larger meat processing plants and catering establishments. Our offer includes equipment adapted to work in all conditions. Industrial slicers come in many models, which differ from each other in regards to the individual technical parameters, construction and purpose. On the website, however, you will find only the most efficient machines that stand out, among other things, because of their:

ERY offers also industrial vegetable slicers and much more

The machines we offer not only process boneless meat, cured meat, bacon, pork fat or fish, as well as cut (slice) the meat into schnitzels and cubes, but they can also handle other items without any issues. ERY Food Machinery also offers the Urschel OV industrial vegetable slicer that accurately slices hot cooked, chilled or even frozen vegetables into equal pieces.

Industrial apple and fruit slicer

Are you looking for a slightly more universal slicer? In our assortment, there are modern devices that can cope not only with cold meat or vegetables but also with various types of fruit. For example, the Urschel GK slicer is capable of slicing ripe fruit in a variety of ways such as strips, cubes, slices or bars.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer of equipment and to choose the equipment that will meet all your expectations. If you have any questions, such as regarding the price of the cured meat slicers or how to maintain them, please feel free to contact the ERY Food Machinery team.