Vacuum Tumblers

A vacuum tumbler is a modern machine, which is recommended for use mainly in butcher’s and other meat processing facilities. This device allows you to very accurately make the massaged meat flexible without destroying its structure. We encourage you to get acquainted with the assortment offered by ERY Food Machinery, which includes efficient vacuum tumblers that are adapted to continuous operation in all conditions.

Masownica próżniowa do mięsa
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Vacuum tumbler 3300 liters Gherri

The specially selected spiral shape of the blades increases the accuracy and uniformity of massaging. These shovels not only massage, but also gently mix the meat. The pulsating vacuum used in the tumlant significantly improves the quality of products while shortening the time of meat processing.

Masownica próżniowa z chłodzeniem
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Vacuum meat tumbler with cooling Ulbricht VKTH 2000

The highest quality of the meat products produced can be achieved thanks to the external glycol drum cooling system. The cooling tumbler allows full temperature control during each stage of the meat massaging process.

Meat tumbler with agregatte Inject Star 2600 litres
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Meat tumbler with cooling coat - Inject Star Magnum 2600

Designed to meet the needs of large and industrial sized meat and poultry processors, our stainless steel Magnum 2600 massager is equipped with a uniquely designed baffle that rotates and slides the product throughout the drum during processing.

Meat tumbler 2000 litres Nowicki
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Meat tumbler Nowicki 2000 litres

Vacuum tumbler Nowicki MA-5-2000-PS with a capacity of 2000 liters. The device will work perfectly in the meat processing factory. The tumbler is equipped with a programmable control panel (up to 50 programs), smooth rotation regulation and a changeable direction of drum rotation. Model: MA – 5- 2000 PS Power: 4.1 KW Weight: 1190 kg Capacity: 2000 liters Load: 1200 kg Drum rotation: 0 – 9 / minute Length: 2860 cm Width: 1335 cm Height: 1670 cm The device is completely renovated. Ready to go.

Lutetia tumbler 3000 litres
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Lutetia tumbler 3000 litres

Renewed Lutetia vacuum tumbler with a capacity of 3000 litres. The tumbler drum is equipped with a hygiene flap for easy cleaning of the device. In addition, it has been designed to eliminate dead zones. The massager drive system has been designed to be reliable and require low maintenance. The main applications of the massager: Salting: produced meat, bacon, chicken fillets, meat blocks, calamari … Marinating: meat, poultry, fish … Drum blade design: designed to achieve the best results in terms of homogeneity, regardless of product type and application. Capacity: 3000 liters Power supply: 400 V 50 Hz 3N Weight: 1600…

Meat tumbler with cooling
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Meat tumbler with cooling Nowicki

Nowicki’s meat tumbler MA-1-1100 PS is designed for plasticizing in the vacuum: muscles, meat elements, small meats as well as carcasses and poultry elements. It ensures obtaining high quality of manufactured meat products. The control panel of meat tumbler is carried out using the Mikster MCM-021M microprocessor, which maintains the temperature and other parameters of the massage at the programmed level. The control and programming system of the device is very simple and intuitive. The barrel with a capacity of 1100 litres is equipped with a helicoidal system and a cooling jacket. The device has the ability to adjust the rotation…

Vacuum tumbler Henneken 1500 liters
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Refurbished tumbler 1500 litres Henneken

Capacity: 1500 litres
Power: 3.5 kW
RPM: 2-10
Dimensions: 2415 x 1220 x 1720 mm

ERY Food Machinery offers top-notch vacuum tumblers

The assortment of Ery Food Machinery includes modern vacuum tumblers, which are designed for massaging various kinds of meat (also with bones), carcasses, smoked meats and poultry elements during the production of high-quality sausage products. We offer only the most efficient pieces of equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Nowicki, Lutetia or Vakona that for many years have been providing the market with reliable solutions used by customers throughout Europe.

Tumblers for professionals

Professional meat tumblers are the basic equipment for butcher’s and meat processing facilities, where every day a large amount of meat is being processed. This type of equipment allows you to effectively and quickly plasticize any meat without destroying its structure. A modern tumbler enables the use of pulsating vacuum while massaging the meat, which ensures freshness and allows the meat to effectively absorb the pickle mixture. High-class vacuum tumblers improve meat quality parameters, increase its juiciness and tenderness. The meat tumbler offered by ERY Food is perfect not only for smaller and larger butcher’s, but also in places such as restaurants, hotels, catering facilities and even specialized laboratories.

What makes vacuum meat tumblers from ERY Food Machinery stand out?

At ERY Food Machinery, we have a wide range of meat tumblers that stand because of their efficiency, reliability and ability to withstand constant use. On our website, you can find many different pieces of equipment that vary in regard to their technical parameters, as well as the system of work. Our offer includes vacuum tumblers equipped in, among others:

Each tumbler with cooling we offer is an ergonomic, durable and reliable device. The robustness and resistance to constant use are influenced by the usage of materials such as stainless steel, which is safe in contact with food. The machines available on the website of ERY Food Machinery are also extremely precise (usually microprocessor controlled), often with a compact design. Our vacuum tumblers are characterized by non-complicated operation, the possibility of working in different variants (e.g. intensive mode, long-term mode, etc.), are effective, very efficient and easy to clean.

The tumbler models offered by us allow smooth adjustment of many massaging parameters and often have multi-stage protection systems. These machines are resistant to various chemicals, saving time and energy during the production process.

ERY’s meat tumblers ensure reliability for many years

Every vacuum meat tumbler we offer is ready to work. All devices are serviced and cared for on an ongoing basis and before the sale itself, they undergo comprehensive inspections that confirm their actual condition. Thanks to that you are guaranteed to buy efficient machines which will serve in butcher’s and other meat processing facilities for many years. In the event of a malfunction, we also offer repairing services for tumblers. If you’re facing trouble with the machine or have any questions, feel free to contact the ERY Food Machinery team.