Should you buy used meat processing machinery?


Used machinery — does it pay off?

We tend to be sceptical about purchase of used equipment. After all, the seller may turn out to be unfair, or the purchased product can be faulty. When choosing ERY Food Machinery, you don’t need to worry about that. Before our equipment is delivered to the client, it undergoes a number of inspections, and the process of repair, if necessary, is rigorously controlled.
We provide reliable maintenance services, so if you experience any malfunctions or failures of the equipment, just reach out to us and together we will find a solution. Comprehensive maintenance services include not only diagnosis and repair, but also preventive maintenance of meat processing machines and replacement of worn components.
We also offer replacement parts to most of machines, both new and those released a few decades ago. Some examples of available parts include: needles for brine injectors, belt conveyors, slicer blades, or knives for bowl cutters.

All things considered, our used meat processing equipment is as good as new and makes a safe investment for your business. Prior to the delivery, the equipment is thoroughly inspected and all defects are removed to ensure you receive a product you can rely on for years.