Our offer includes meat tumblers that are intended for the mastication of various types of meat (also with bones), carcasses, smoked meat, and poultry, producing high-quality meat products.

This type of device is effective and quickly plasticizes every kind of meat, without destroying its structure. Modern meat tumblers enable usage of vacuum pulsating machine during plasticization of meat which ensures absorbance of the corning mixture as well as freshness. High-class meat tumblers improve the quality of meat, helping them achieve their juiciness and brittleness.

Our meat tumblers are devices that work well in small as well as in large butcher shops, restaurants, catering companies and even in specialized laboratories.

We offer meat tumblers with diversified cylinder/barrel capacities, ergonomic,  durable and reliable. The devices are solid, precise (often controlled by microprocessors), often with a compact design. Our meat tumblers are characterized by a simple control system, what is more, they can work in different variants (eg Intensive, long-lasting mode etc.), They are effective,  very efficient and easy to clean. The models we offer allow you to regulate many parameters of the processing, and often have multi-level security systems. Our devices are resistant to various chemicals, thus saving time and energy during the production process.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Meat tumbler with cooling

Meat tumbler with cooling Nowicki

Nowicki’s meat tumbler MA-1-1100 PS is designed for plasticizing in the vacuum: muscles, meat elements, small meats as well as carcasses and poultry elements. It ensures obtaining high quality of manufactured meat products. The control panel of meat tumbler is carried out using the Mikster MCM-021M microprocessor, which maintains the temperature and other parameters of […]

Vacuum tumbler Henneken 1500 liters

Refurbished tumbler 1500 litres Henneken

Capacity: 1500 litres
Power: 3.5 kW
RPM: 2-10
Dimensions: 2415 x 1220 x 1720 mm