Handtmann VF 610 with HV 412 holding device

Handtmann VF 610 2006 year and holding device HV 412 2013 year in excellent condition. With performance plus points Performance plus points for small-scale producers with frequent product changes, lunch menus, catering… The VF 610 copes easily with large batches and is also suitable for a large range of products. Large range of applications The VF […]

Handtmann VF 620

Handtmann VF 620 with HV 210 and HV 60/7

2002 year
twisting and holding device
loading arm

Vacuum filler Vemag Robot HP7C

The Vemag ROBOT HP7C continuous vacuum filler is designed and built for filling and portioning sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings. Standard sausage meats are suitable as the pro- duct for filling to make fresh sausage, salamis and boiled sausage. The filler can also be used for grinding and separating meat for processing. Other […]