Industrial meat grinder machines from ERY Food Machinery are high-quality precision grinders for meat industry needs. Premium safety and efficiency.

Laska meat angle grinder W 130

Meat grinder Laska 130mm

130mm head
2011 year
new cutting set
new gearbox
new engine

Meat grinder Krämer & Grebe GEA WW200

200 mm – head
2 gears
all stainless steel
suitable for removing nerveswith

Meat grinder 200mm with loading

Grinder with a 200 mm throat diameter and integrated loader. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel. After mechanical service.

Frozen meat grinder Palmia 330mm

Meat grinder K+G Wetter 130mm

Meat grinder 114mm K+G Wetter

A meat grinder from K + G Wetter with a throat diameter of 114mm is the ideal machine for a small and medium meat and food factory. The machine achieves a capacity of 3 tons per hour when working on a fresh product. The device is in perfect technical condition.