Our offer also includes reliable food mixes from renowned producers. These devices are ideal for thorough and quick mixing of various kinds of meat and stuffing for the production of cured meat, delicatessen, canned food, etc. Our food mixers can also be successfully used for mixing sauces, vegetables, salads, cheeses and many other food products.

We offer a wide range of food mixer’s models that can be used in meat processing plants, restaurants, catering industry, and the meat processing industry in the broad sense. These are high-class devices that meet all the standards of the European Union.

Our food mixers have durable constructions, often made of stainless steel or other materials with a certificate allowing for contact with food products. We offer mixers powered by modern electric motors, having ergonomically profiled bowls that facilitate unloading of stuffing, and what is more, they are easy to clean.

You do not know which food mixer will be right for you? Just contact us and our experienced consultants will advise you on choosing the best model. We will surely find the perfect device to meet your needs thanks to a wide range of food mixers we offer. Each model is a machine that is easy to use and proven to be efficient.

Food mixers in our offer are fully functional and have been subjected to professional verification.
At the customer’s request, we can set the device in the indicated place and take care of it.

We invite you to take up on our offer today!

Paddle mixer Nowicki for food

Paddle mixer Nowicki

single-shaft paddle stirrer
400 litres
2.2 kW