Vacuum filler Vemag Robot HP7C

The Vemag ROBOT HP7C continuous vacuum filler is designed and built for filling and portioning sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings. Standard sausage meats are suitable as the pro- duct for filling to make fresh sausage, salamis and boiled sausage. The filler can also be used for grinding and separating meat for processing. Other products may only be processed with the express agreement of VEMAG.

The vacuum filler may not be used in an explosive atmosphere.

Raw materials may be processed at a temperature of between -4 °C and + 50 °C.

The vacuum filler requires ambient temperatures between +0.5 °C and +25 °C.

Manufacturer Vemag
Model Robot HP7C
Power supply electrical (400V 5Hz 3N)
Power 15 kW
Capacity 240 litres
Loader integrated