Meat tumbler with cooling Nowicki

Nowicki’s meat tumbler MA-1-1100 PS is designed for plasticizing in the vacuum: muscles, meat elements, small meats as well as carcasses and poultry elements. It ensures obtaining high quality of manufactured meat products.

The control panel of meat tumbler is carried out using the Mikster MCM-021M microprocessor, which maintains the temperature and other parameters of the massage at the programmed level. The control and programming system of the device is very simple and intuitive.

The barrel with a capacity of 1100 litres is equipped with a helicoidal system and a cooling jacket. The device has the ability to adjust the rotation and production capacity of 600 kg. The whole drive a 3.3 kW motor. The total weight of the machine is about 1050 kg. The device has undergone a major refurbishment.