We service single food, catering and butchering machines as well as entire production lines.

We provide emergency removal services and troubleshooting, as well as regular maintenance of machinery parks in the food and meat industry.

We service single food machines and entire production lines
We offer constant technical supervision, repairs and maintenance, which guarantee trouble-free and efficient operation while marginalizing the operating costs of food machines. During service and repair work we use only original parts, thanks to which our contractors are sure that the service and maintenance services offered are at the highest level.

We service used butcher’s and food machines from almost all producers on the market. We guarantee fast and effective repair of the following devices: KRAME UND GREBE, Alco, FORMAX, PALMIA, Seydelmann, URSCHEL, Boldt, GEA, LASKA, Marel, INOTEC, Stephan, Wolfking, CFS, Dorit, KOPPENS, KARL SCHNELL, Lutetia, Baader, MAGURIT , Berief, Handtmann, VEMAG, STORK, Inject Star, MULTIVAC, TREIF, Frigoscandia, Townsend and others.

We repair all catering machines and equipment
Our qualified and experienced service technicians are able to repair any type of equipment and food machine. In our daily work, we regularly service and maintain such devices as: vacuum massagers, mixers, injectors, cutters, butcher wolters, separators, stuffers, dividers for sausages, molding machines, baguettes, dicing machines, cutters, skinning machines, flares, slicers, meat cutters frozen, smoking and baking rooms, ripening chambers, cooking boilers, grills, steam generators, autoclaves, blanchers, machines for slaughtering and processing poultry, saws, pincers, cutting tables, tunnels for shrinking and drying, wrappers, transporters, feeders, tipplers, smoke carts, pole lifts, metal detectors, clippers, washers, ice generators.

We invite you to contact us
We encourage you to read the details of our service offer and to contact our employees. We will gladly dispel all doubts and answer questions about service and maintenance of food machines.