We offer high-quality vacuum stuffers from well-known manufacturers. These modern devices are created for professional filling of meat products, bakery dough and other food products, which allows obtaining the highest quality of the final product.

In our rich offer, you can find both large and compact models of vacuum stuffers. Many of them have been equipped with modern technology that is able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Our wide range of vacuum stuffers are devices that ensure high work efficiency as well as very fast portioning, thanks to which the filling process is always at an optimal level. Vacuum stuffers offered by us are able to face up to the process of filling even very complex products (also with extended expiration date). These are the devices that can often work both continuously and perform a batch filling process.

We offer intuitive, reliable and high-precision models. Vacuum stuffers from our offer are usually made of stainless steel, and have many smooth surfaces which ease the process of cleaning the machine.

Our vacuum stuffers are perfect for the purposes of both medium and very large production, always ensuring maximum delicacy and precision of filling. We also provide professional servicing of equipment purchased from us, at the customer’s request.

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Handtmann sausage linking and hanging line

Handtmann sausage linking and hanging line

1) Linker Handtmann type 221-01, No. 433, year 2001 2) Handtmann type 240-21, no. 454, year 2001 3) Linker Handtmann type 221-01, No. 448, 2001 4) Handtmann type 240-21, no. 453, year 2001 5) Linker Handtmann, type 241-01, No. 447, year 1999 6) Handtmann  type 241-16, No. 502, year 2002

 Whole muscle stuffer Schröder HAMAX 800

Whole muscle stuffer Schröder HAMAX 800

The capacity of up to 1.2 tons per hour Only one operator required Exact calibre filling with defined filling lengths Can be connected to an automated double-clip system Cut losses reduced by up to 50% Skin consumption reduced by up to 30% • overall dimensions 2905 x 1000 x 1618 mm; • power 4 kW;…

handtmann vf 50

Vacuum stuffer Handtmann VF 50

Application: production of various types of sausage link products Filling capacity: up to  2600 kilogram per hour (5732 pounds per hour) Filling pressure: up to 55 bar Portioning speed: up to 420 portions/minute, based on the size of the link Portioning range: 5- 100,00 grams (.17 ounce – 220 pounds) Hopper capacity: 80 litres (21…

Handtmann VF 610 with HV 412 holding device

Handtmann VF 610 2006 year and holding device HV 412 2013 year in excellent condition. With performance plus points Performance plus points for small-scale producers with frequent product changes, lunch menus, catering… The VF 610 copes easily with large batches and is also suitable for a large range of products. Large range of applications The VF…

Handtmann VF 620

Handtmann VF 620 with HV 210 and HV 60/7

2002 year
twisting and holding device
loading arm

Vacuum filler Vemag Robot HP7C

The Vemag ROBOT HP7C continuous vacuum filler is designed and built for filling and portioning sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings. Standard sausage meats are suitable as the pro- duct for filling to make fresh sausage, salamis and boiled sausage. The filler can also be used for grinding and separating meat for processing. Other…