Separators that guarantee a reliable operation

In this category you will find food separators that meet all quality standards. They have very durable casings made of high-class materials such as special thermoplastics or stainless steel, which provide them with high resistance to wear and mechanical damage, significantly extending their lastingness and minimizing the risk of failure.

What are separators used for?

Separators are most commonly used to separate valuable animal meat from raw materials such as carcasses, bones, gristle and fishbones. This equipment may also be used for the separation of valuable pulp, in the case of fruit or vegetables, and ground fat, in the case of the separation of pig fat from the skin. Depending on the perforation, the separators can also be used for shredded carcasses, necks or other bone parts after chicken or turkey cutting.

ERY is offering powerful food separators

The machines offered by the company stand out due to their practical design, which goes hand in hand with the highest productivity. The best components used in the construction of separators allow maximizing the benefits of the performed separation process. The meat gained at the end of the process has the best possible quality characteristics. The distinct fibrous structures of the meat are marked. Thanks to it a wholesome end product is being obtained. The company offers a wide range of separators with variable throughput, allowing to adjust the device to the customer’s needs.

The offer includes smaller and larger models with different capacities reaching up to 2000 kg/h for pork and 3000 kg/h for poultry.

Efficient separation of raw material with modern separators

The use of modern production technologies makes it possible to recover almost 45% of meat from pork bones. In the case of raw poultry, this value can reach almost 85%. The process of obtaining meat from raw material is easy to carry out for workers and safe in terms of occupational safety and health. The transport of separated meat is done by pipe, so it can be easily extracted and packaged right after the separation process. If in doubt, our staff will be more than happy to help with matching the equipment to customer’s preferences.

We would like to remind that all machines undergo a comprehensive inspection before sale, which is the guarantee of a successful purchase for each customer. We encourage you to get acquainted with our full offer and wish you a good shopping experience – ERY Food Machinery.