Nock poultry skinning machine

Nock CB 435 skinning machine is an ideal device for separating skins from meat used in both small and medium and large production enterprises. Perfectly save time, and the variety of models allows you to choose the device with the appropriate efficiency.

NOCK skinning machines are made entirely of stainless steel and plastic parts that meet the highest hygiene standards. Free-standing machines are equipped with 4 wheels. During the cleaning phase, the individual elements are easily dismantled without the need for additional tools.

Skinner used, fully functional. The machine is ready to work at the production plant.

feeding conveyor
smooth adjustment of the gap between the blades
spring-loaded blade holder for perfect results
roller with scraping comb
replaceable feeding table and footswitch strip for skinning round products with an open top (the machine can be easily modified)
cutting width: 430 mm
cutting speed: 24 m / min