Food dicers

Dicers are professional machines that are used in both the butchery and food industries. These devices cut products into small pieces. We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer. You will find modern and efficient dicers for meat, vegetables and other products from ERY Food Machinery.

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Fam Yuran belt slicer

Cutting machine designed for cutting various fruit, vegetable and meat products, from frozen products to chilled or hot cooked products. High yield in cutting products such as peppers, spinach and dried tomatoes.

Urschel J9-A
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Urschel J9-A Belt-Fed Dicer and Strip Cutter

Urschel J9-A allows you to cut into cubes and bollards a variety of products, including bakery products/snacks, spinach, greens, peppers, celery, broccoli, parsley and frozen meats.

Kostkownica do mięsa, warzyw i sera Ruhle SR1
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Meat, vegetables and cheese dicer - Ruhle SR1

It perfectly slices raw, frozen and cooked products, characterized by greater fragility. It combines the characteristics of a meat slice and an diced machine, producing perfect slices and cubes from a variety of foods including sausages, cold cuts and fish.

Treif Felix 100
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Dicer Treif Felix 100

The Treif Felix slicer is an industrial food slicer. This compact dice and strip machine opens up a spectrum of possibilities and is ideal for industrial areas where emphasis is placed on the quality and quantity of sliced foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, fish and cheese.

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Slicer Holac HA 125 N

The Holac HA 125 is a semi-automatic multifunctional slicer. The device is ideal for cutting meat, bacon, sausage, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Industrial slicer, can cut into cubes, slices, petals or strips. Together with the device a set of a dozen grids and cutting discs.

Dicer Treif Derby 100 S-CE
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Dicer Treif Derby 100 S-CE

Treif Derby Dicer 100 S-CE for dicing boneless meat, sausages, bacon, fat, fish and products such as vegetables, fruit, cheese. The maximum capacity of the Treif cube maker is 1200 kg/h. The device is made entirely of stainless steel. The device is equipped with 3 types of cutting nets, including universal nets. Size of the cutting can be set independently. Options: Cutting into cubes, bars, strips, slices (flakes) and chips Cutting boneless meat, sausages, ham, bacon, fat, fish and vegetables and fruit – fresh and chilled products Application in meat processing plants, supermarkets, gastronomy and catering companies Device dimensions: 1400mm x…

Meat dicers and other products offered by ERY Food Machinery

At ERY Food Machinery, we are well aware that machines for slicing cured meats as well as other food products, must above all be reliable and guarantee the highest productivity every day. Therefore, in our offer, you will find modern machines that were acquired only from renowned manufacturers of devices intended for use in butcher shops and professional catering establishments. We offer dicers from brands such as Fam, Urschel, Holac, Ruhle and Treif, among others.

Where do you apply meat dicers?

A professional meat dicer is a solution that should be chosen not only by butchers, but also other meat processing facilities, markets, canteens, restaurants, hotels, catering and bars. The use of such a device allows you to save time, as well as reduces the effort involved in cutting meats, which will be appreciated especially in places where large amounts of meat are prepared on daily basis.

Professional dicers of the highest efficiency and quality

At ERY Food Machinery you will find a broad selection of machine models that vary in size, power, weight, allowable input and output product thicknesses. Regardless of the type, each piece of equipment is made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, which is safe in contact with food, and also provides adequate durability and resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage, significantly extending the life of your dicer. All devices are adapted to continuous operation in order to ensure continuity of production.

We would like to remind you that we only offer functioning dicers, which have undergone a comprehensive inspection before being sold. Moreover, we help to install the equipment in the target place of work, and we also offer subsequent service and repair of the machines.

A wide range of possibilities with dicers for vegetables, meat and other products

On the website of ERY Food Machinery, you will find multifunctional dicers, which are designed for slicing different types of sausages and other products. The equipment we offer is perfect for shredding among other things:

It should also be noted that the dicers offered by ERY Food Machinery are suitable for both fresh and chilled products.

More than just a meat dicer

The meat dicers we offer are adapted for shredding products also in other forms. Our machines quickly and efficiently cut cured meat, vegetables, cheese or fruit into bars, strips, slices or even chips. A wide range of slicing options makes it possible for each of you to find equipment that meets all your requirements and perfectly suits the specificity of your meat processing plant or other catering premises.

We encourage you to get acquainted with the specifications of each dicer and choose the equipment that will ensure efficient and safe operation every day. If you have any questions about the price of meat dicers or other topics, feel free to contact the ERY Food Machinery team.