Food clipping machines

Clippers are specialized devices that are an indispensable part of food packaging. The available range of modern equipment allows to increase the efficiency of the production process and to reduce costs accordingly. We offer modern clipping machines from proven and reliable suppliers and encourage you to contact us.

Poly Clip ICA8700
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Poly Clip ICA 8700 - 2004

The ICA 8700 is the ideal machine for large calibers and moulded products up to a caliber of 200 mm. Fibrous, collagen, and plastic casings can be processed. The ICA can be additionally equipped with a slack-fill device for moulded ham and similar products.

Poly Clip PDC 700
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Poly Clip PDC 700 Semi-Automatic Clipper

The machine is perfect for use in production plants of all sizes. This exceptionally good reputation of the PDC700 owes its versatility (calibers from 38 to 115mm depending on the type of casing and natural intestine), successfully clips such important protein casings on the Polish market, achieving high work efficiency, friendly, intuitive operation and high reliability.

Klipsownica automatyczna Poly Clip FCA 3462
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POLY CLIP FCA3462 Automatic Clipper

The POLY CLIP FCA3462 automatic clipper is designed to close all types of casings (including protein casings) of 40 – 115mm caliber. It is ideal for the production of petfood food in this dog food in the form of bars.

Poly-Clip FCA 3463
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Automatic Double-Clipper Poly-clip FCA 3463

Applications The FCA 3463 automatic doubleclipper closes all plastic, fibrous and collagen casings from a calibre of 40 to 120 mm, and even larger in the case of special applications. This flexibility in the calibre range is achieved by rapid change of the clip sizes from 15 to 18 mm and of the voiding distance from 30 to 36 mm. For loose filling, free from air, of formed products, an additional overspreading with a total voiding distance of 130 mm is available.   Function and operation The FCA 3463 is connected mechanically and electrically to the stuffer. The voiding separator provides…

ERY offers top brand clippers

To ensure the highest quality of our services, we use only high-class equipment for meat and food processing. We acquire only clipping machines from recognized manufacturers, such as Tipper Tie and Poly Clip, that have been providing the market with modern solutions for many years, to facilitate and speed up work in butchers and other catering establishments.

The above-mentioned companies stand out because of the use of reliable and carefully developed systems, that are affecting the efficiency as well as the easiness of operation of the equipment and ensure an excellent end effect regarding the closing of collagen and plastic casings. Thanks to these solutions, each clipper we offer is a piece of equipment that will significantly influence work efficiency in every (but not only limited to) meat processing facility.

Clippers – highest durability

The easiness of calibration and the variety of clip sizes make it possible, that the right choice of the device will ensure you’ll get the most out of it. Clippers are made of durable, corrosion resistant materials approved for use in the food industry. Modern mechanisms ensure fast operation, without compromising the quality of the produced packaging.

What else – besides the easy upkeep – makes our clippers stand out?

In these high-quality clipping machines, thanks to the use of stainless steel (both inside and outside), the devices are easy to keep clean, which is an undoubted advantage. Applications in the food industry will include both roll clips and custom S clips.

Food clipping machines adapted to your requirements and work characteristics

Adjust your machine so that the food you produce is packed with care for freshness, the right consistency and shape. Automatic clippers are indispensable in every facility producing meat, dry and dairy products. Choose from a rich selection of low-cost yet modern devices.

We encourage you to take a look at our full offer as well as to read the specifications of each device available on our website. On the website you will find various models of automatic food clippers that differ in size, power, capabilities and additional features. Among them are clipping machines with such modern conveniences as:

Automatic clipping machines that ensure quality

ERY Food Machinery is a place where we strive to make sure each of our products meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. Therefore, all of our automatic clippers undergo periodic inspection and are being repaired if any defect is detected. This keeps them in perfect condition and because of this, they are ready to go as soon as you plug them in.