Vemag Sausage Linker

Craft an endless variety of delicious sausages with the Vemag Lucky Linker, the ultimate in multi-talented sausage production. From miniature snack sticks to hefty salami chubs, this powerhouse handles it all, effortlessly producing flawless sausages in natural, collagen, or cellulose casings.

Unmatched Sausage-Making Versatility:

Small-Batch Delights: Create succulent cocktail wieners and meat sticks for irresistible appetizers.
Fresh & Flavorful: Master classic bratwurst, franks, and fresh sausages with perfect texture and taste.
Cured Classics: Elevate your salami and pepperoni game with precise portioning and smear-free stuffing.
Endless Possibilities: Explore your creativity with any sausage variety, large or small!

Engineered for Excellence:

Powerful Double-Screw Pump: Ensures unmatched portioning accuracy for consistent, high-quality results.
Smear-Free Stuffing: Maintains optimal texture and appearance for visually appealing sausages.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use in busy kitchens and production facilities.

The Vemag Lucky Linker is perfect for:

Meat processors: Expand your product line and cater to diverse customer preferences.
Butchers and artisan producers: Elevate your craft with superior sausage-making capabilities.
Restaurants and catering businesses: Create signature sausages that impress your guests.

Revolutionize your sausage production with the Vemag Lucky Linker! Contact us today to learn more.

  • ProducerVemag
  • ModelLucky Linker
  • Power4,25 kW
  • Height2180 mm
  • Width1200 mm
  • Length900 mm
  • Weight290 kg
  • Funnel capacity40 l
  • Portions1-99.999 g
  • Year of production2021
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