Velati frozen meat cutting line

Through-hole guillotine for cutting frozen meat, made entirely of stainless steel.

The structure of the combined blades, consisting of a rotating guillotine knife and a set of round knives, allows you to process the product at different temperatures, cutting both fat and meat.

The Velati frozen meat guillotine is equipped with belt conveyors, the speed of which is adjustable, which allows you to control the hourly production and thickness of the cut pieces.

The Velati meat slicer is equipped with an inverter, which allows you to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt. The F3 model is also equipped with a PLC touch screen control with the ability to remember various work programs.

The machine also has an alarm system controlled by special electrical equipment.

  • ProducerVelati
  • ModelAAF3
  • TypeFrozen meat cutting line
  • Power11 kW
  • Height210 cm
  • Width160 cm
  • Length310 cm
  • Weight2000 kg