Vegetable slicer Alexanderwerk AW BS 150

The food industry is one of the most demanding sectors of the economy. A number of sanitary standards and the highest quality of offered products are the basis for being able to operate on the market and sell good quality products. In order to achieve this, firstly, the highest quality products must be provided from proven suppliers, thanks to which what will be created at the end of them will meet all quality and sanitary standards. The second key element of this puzzle is to equip your plant with the best equipment. The highest quality and precision of operation not only guarantees efficient operation and sufficiently high weight processing per hour, but reduces the generation of waste during production. Also, do not forget to provide uniform cutting parameters that have been given by the recipient.

One of the devices that is necessary here is the vegetable slicer Alexanderwerk AW BS 150. It is one of the key machines in the food industry, without which there would be no products such as all sorts of salads, frozen vegetables or weki, which are found in every store. This machine replaces the work of hundreds of people, being additionally much faster and more precise.

The Alexanderwerk AW BS 150 industrial vegetable cutter is ideal for any processor. Its high efficiency and multitasking makes it equally very precise to squirt cabbage, and after replacing the blade we will receive slices from beetroot or carrots.

This machine is equipped with an adjustable belt feeder, which we can adapt to cut products very quickly. Thanks to this, vegetables end up on the blades with the right frequency. Another advantage of this device is the ability to change the blade instantly. The assembly system has been designed so that a completely different cutting can be started within minutes. The knives themselves are made of very durable steel, which provides them with strength and clean cutting.

All these features in tandem with the highest quality workmanship makes it an indispensable device in any factory.

  • Producer
  • ModelAW BS 150
  • Typebelt feeder
  • Power1.4 kW
  • Power supply230 V, (3P + PE)
  • Height1255 mm
  • Width680 mm
  • Length2694 mm
  • Weight230 kg
  • Knife speed302 rpm
  • Tape speed2-70 rpm
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