Variovac Rotarius Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer

Named for its convenient rotating table, the VARIOVAC Rotarius packages fresh, refrigerated, and frozen foods in premade trays. This semi-automatic tray sealer has a compact footprint, ideal for small production areas. It provides 360° packaging solutions for smaller producers, butchers, and test kitchens.

A dual die system allows packaging and product loading to occur simultaneously, in contrast to the single die in a traditional drawer-style tray sealer. Through this continuous process, productivity increases without increasing labor costs. Dies changeovers are fast and require no tools, so switching between applications or products is easy.

Attractive packaging, improved food safety, and extended shelf-life further define the VARIOVAC Rotarius. Be it MAP, skin, gas flushing, or vacuum packaging, we will find the right solution for you.

operating system: IPC with 7” touchscreen display

compressed air: min. 6 bar

film roll diameter: up to ø 300mm (3” core)

tray depth: up to 100mm

tray depth for skin: up to 40mm

product protrusion: up to 20mm

Mould size: 190 x 137 mm

Manufacturer Variovac
Model Rotarius
Type Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer with Dual Die System
Power supply 3x 400V N/PE, 50/60 HZ
Power 7 kW
Capacity 4-8 cycles per minute
Height 130 cm
Width 130 cm
Length 120 cm
Weight 450 kg
Year 2010
Variovac Rotarius
Variovac Rotarius
Variovac Rotarius
Variovac Rotarius
Variovac Rotarius
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