Vacuum paddle mixer 700 liters Velati

Velati vacuum paddle mixer is designed for mixing meat stuffing during the production of cold cuts, delicatessen, canned food, vegetables, fruits, sauces, etc.

The device is equipped with two counter-rotating paddle arms powered by one high power electric motor, the whole is connected by chain transmission. Selection of construction materials and construction of the paddle mixer meet the highest requirements of the European Union markets.

The machine is made entirely of acid-resistant steel or other materials approved for contact with food. Unique shape of paddle mixer bowl prevents remains of products and makes it easier to unload and keep clean. Velati paddle mixer is adapted for cooperation with standard stuffing carts with capacity of 200 liters.

According to the idea of our company we offer shovel mixers after service always adapting the product to the customer requirements.

  • Producer
  • ModelM700
  • Typeindustrial vacuum mixer
  • Power10 kW
  • Power supply380 volts
  • Height266 cm
  • Width150 cm
  • Length300 cm
  • Weight1500 kg
  • Capacity700 litre
  • Vacuum pumpBusch 63m3