Vacuum packer Tepro

Model PP22 is the smallest two-chamber vacuum packing machine produced by TEPRO. Equipping the machine with two packing stations (chambers) allows you to optimize the machine’s performance. During packing in one of the chambers it is possible to load the second chamber, thanks to which the machine can immediately perform the next cycle.

The machine made of stainless steel is equipped with a single cover equipped with two sealing bars with a sealing length of 490 mm. The cover is moved between the chambers by a swinging motion on the arms supported by a spring system.

The device is equipped with a microprocessor controller with digital measurement of vacuum and remembering and naming 25 packaging programs. Each of the programs allows editing of all key parameters of the packaging process (vacuum [%], gas [%], welding time [s], cutting time [s] etc.). During packaging, the parameters are displayed in real time on the backlit LCD display.

The packaging machine has locked wheels for easy machine movement.

Additional controller functions:

Waiting time: enables automatic interruption of the pumping process in the absence of pressure changes in the chamber during a programmed period of time. This function is particularly useful when packing products with a high moisture content – it ensures the achievement of an optimal vacuum while preventing unnecessary steam generation.
Vacuum pause: the function gives the opportunity to set pauses in the pumping process, enabling a more delicate and accurate evacuation of air trapped in porous and air-bubble products. The function’s set parameters are the vacuum value at which pumping is to be stopped and the pause time during pumping (function available on request).
Soft airing: activating the function enables gentle airing of the chamber after the packaging process. This function is used when packing delicate products or products that may have sharp edges. This makes it possible to protect the product and packaging against damage (function available on request).
Cycle counter with the option of resetting

Pakowarka próżniowa Tepro PP22
Pakowarka próżniowa Tepro PP22
Pakowarka próżniowa Tepro PP22
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