Vacuum Bowl Cutter Kilia 5000 Express 200 ltr

The highest quality is expressed even in the machine body itself. Extreme stabili- ty, guaranteed by the machines round construction, gives the machine vibration- free operation.

The special construction of the knife lid ensures effective heat isolation and at the same time reduces the noise emission level. With the additional aid of the noise

reduction lid, unprecedented low d. B. (A) – levels are achieved.

With a newly developed mode of fabri- cation, the precision in manufacturing the knife shaft has been raised signifi- cantly. Adjustable bearing flanges, which are fixed with pusher type air- screws, allow an exact adjustment of the seat of the bearings (tolerance 1/100mm). Therefore, the knife shaft is in true alignment and a twisting of knife shaft and bearing is avoided. Thus, the durability of the system is significantly prolonged.

The rotary shaft seal, a part of the knife shaft system, is running on a coated lining. This construction has been deve- loped to reduce the frictional heat, and results in a significantly longer period of elasticity of the seal.

Manufacturer Kilia
Capacity 200 litres
Weight 4000 kg
Loader integrated
Knife shaft speeds cutting 500-5000 rpm
Bowl speed 7-22 rpm
Number of knives 1 knife-head 8 parts
Kuter Kilia 5000 Express 200l
Kuter Kilia 5000 Express 200l
Kuter Kilia 5000 Express 200l
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