Tumbler Ruhle MKR 600

Introducing the Ultimate Meat Marination Solution: The “Tumbler Ruhle MKR600”

Elevate your meat marination with the “Tumbler Ruhle MKR600,” the pinnacle of tumbler innovation specifically designed for meat processing. This meat tumbler is a testament to efficiency and quality, boasting a substantial 600-liter capacity that caters to high-volume marination needs with ease.

Why the Tumbler Ruhle MKR600 Stands Out in the Meat Tumbler Market:

  • Enhanced Marination Efficiency: This tumbler is engineered for excellence, significantly cutting down marination time while ensuring that every piece of meat is optimally infused with your marinade, thanks to its advanced technology and innovative design.
  • Uniform Marinade Distribution: With its electronic controls for adjusting mixing times and speeds, along with specially designed mixing paddles, the Tumbler Ruhle MKR600 meat tumbler guarantees an even and thorough application of marinade, resulting in consistently flavorful meat.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: Designed with the user in mind, this meat tumbler is incredibly easy to operate and maintain, removing the need for specialized skills and significantly reducing downtime.
  • Durability and Longevity: The Tumbler Ruhle MKR600 is not just a meat tumbler; it’s a long-term investment. Its robust construction and reliable performance ensure minimal maintenance costs and an extended lifespan, providing value for years to come.

Elevate Your Meat Processing with the Tumbler Ruhle MKR600: For meat producers seeking to improve their marination process and product quality, the Tumbler Ruhle MKR600 meat tumbler is the ideal choice. This tumbler not only enhances the flavor and texture of marinated meats but also streamlines production processes, making it a valuable asset in the competitive meat industry.

Invest in the Tumbler Ruhle MKR600 and transform your meat marination process. With this meat tumbler, you’re not just upgrading your equipment; you’re revolutionizing the way you prepare meat, setting new standards for quality and efficiency in your operations.

  • ProducerRuhle
  • ModelMKR600
  • Power3 kW
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height2700 mm
  • Width1300 mm
  • Length2000 mm
  • Weight1400 kg
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