Syspal HT2 Eurobin Tipper

Introducing the SYSPAL HT2-1124 Eurobin Tipper: facilitating swift, secure, and efficient product transfers while minimizing manual handling for 200-liter and 300-liter Eurobins.

Key Features:

  • Easy operation, low maintenance, and rapid cleaning
  • Built with Grade 304 Stainless Steel for durability
  • Nominal capacity of 350kg
  • Tipping angle of up to 125°
  • Choice of bolt-down or mobile base options
  • Customizable transfer chutes and loading tables for tailored applications
  • Integration capability with various feed and transfer tables
  • Maximum tipping height of 1350mm

Experience seamless and safe product transfers with the SYSPAL Eurobin Tipper, crafted for efficiency and reliability in handling Eurobins of varying sizes, ensuring ease of operation and minimal manual intervention.

  • ProducerSyspal
  • ModelHT2-1124
  • Year of production2018
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