Stephan MCH-D-60

Experience cutting-edge fine-cutting technology with the Stephan Microcut MCH-D 60 (2002 model). This industrial workhorse boasts tandem cutter arrangements for exceptionally fine grinding and emulsification, ideal for meat, fish, vegetables, pastes, and more.

Key Features:

Advanced Tandem Cutters: Achieve superior fineness and emulsification for diverse ingredients.
Variable Pumping Capacity: Adapts to various materials and pumping distances/heights.
Precise Temperature Control: Maintain product quality with adjustable settings.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand demanding industrial environments.

Optimize Your Processing:

Fine-Tune Chopping: Adjust distance and/or height for desired fineness and temperature control.
Boost Pumping Performance: Select coarser cutter slits for higher pumping needs.

The Stephan MCH-D 60 is perfect for:

Food manufacturers seeking superior chopping and emulsification.
Meat processors crafting sausages, pâtés, and spreads.
Fish processors producing fine pastes and spreads.
Vegetable processors creating dips, sauces, and pestos.

Upgrade your food processing with the versatile and powerful Stephan MCH-D 60!

  • ProducerStephan
  • ModelMCH-D 60
  • Power51 kW
  • Power supply400V / 50Hz / 3N
  • Height1250 mm
  • Width1450 mm
  • Length2150 mm
  • Weight700 kg
  • Tank capacity200 l
  • Year of production2002
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