Sormac KP-50 Carrot Peeler

Sormac KP-50 is a knife peeler, ideal for peeling carrots and other vegetables that have an elongated shape, such as cucumbers or white radish. It allows you to quickly peel a large amount of vegetables, increasing the efficiency of the work of the staff. In addition, the specially designed arrangement of peeling knives inside the machine guarantees high quality peeling – the vegetable after peeling looks as if it was peeled by hand.

To peel a vegetable, it is enough to put them manually on a dedicated wedge belt. The peeling process is carried out without the use of water, which generates further savings, as well as facilitates the disposal of the remaining waste after the process. They are discharged through the sliding under the machine, which facilitates cleaning and cleaning after peeling.
The optimal diameter of the peeled product should be between 20 and 70 mm, while the minimum diameter of the peeled product should be 160 mm.

What distinguishes the Sormac KP-50 carrot peeler from similar devices is its extremely simple, hygienic design. In addition to the aforementioned waste disposal system, the machine is easy to clean after the work is completed. It is also easy to carry out the necessary disinfection processes.
The simple design also makes it staff-friendly – the device is very simple and intuitive, and most importantly – safe to use even by people who are not skilled in the use of industrial peelers.

Sormac KP-50 is a peeler for carrots and other vegetables, which is distinguished by the highest quality. Its design and materials used for construction make it meet all standards for devices working in direct contact with food. It is also characterized by exceptional durability and durability and reliability.

Sormac is a Dutch company producing high-quality equipment for the processing of vegetables, fruits and other food products, intended for gastronomy and the food industry. Numerous reviews of satisfied users show that both carrot peeler and other machines of this brand are recommended as durable, reliable and easy to use even by untrained people.

  • Producer
  • ModelKP-50
  • Typecarrot peeling machine
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