Soft separator SEPAmatic 410

The SEPAmatic 410 belt separator has a simple design. Made of stainless steel, high quality thermoplastic and other materials approved in the food industry – makes it easy to clean. Optimal results are guaranteed by perforated sieves, which can be replaced in seconds.

Depending on their perforation, they can be used for:

  • shredded bodies, necks and other bone elements remaining after cutting chicken or turkey – 1,3 mm
  • chicken cutting residues, cleaning after hydraulic separator – 3 mm
  • turkey lowers, sourcing of one of the three beef – 5 mm

In order to ensure precise quality control of the industrial sausage production process – taking into account the naturally variable quality of meat – sepamatic 410 is equipped with a manual feeding tray, which is necessary for both production and economic reasons. The basic version of sepamatic 410 is loaded manually, but as the amount of processed meat increases it can be expanded and act as a fully automatic system.

SEPAmatic 410 is adapted to German and international food law. The belt separator allows you to maintain high production standards, which are inextricably linked to the production of raw sausage. Sepamatic processed meat has a grainy consistency in the form of coarse minced meat, which allows to obtain a high-quality product.


The principle of operation is simple:

  • unprocessed meat is transported to a perforated drum using a flexible, highly wear-resistant polyurethane crushing tape
  • increasing pressure squeezes soft meat through the holes into the drum
  • at the same time larger and harder parts, i.e. tendons, cartilage, etc. are held outside the drum and removed by scrapers

Thanks to the optimized design of the device, the meat retains its natural fibrous structure because it is not heated, ground or grated in any way.

  • Producer
  • Model410
  • Typesoft separator
  • Power2.2 kW
  • Power supply400 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight300 kg
  • Dimensions180 x 75 x 135cm
  • Turnover29 rpm
  • Year of production12.2002