Slicer Treif Puma 1100 EB

When performance and precision align, PUMA certainly makes the cut — even at speeds of up to 400 cuts per minute (with the double blade).

This is true for cutlets, steaks, schnitzel, pork belly, bacon or German meatloaf, or whether it‘s fresh, chilled or frozen down to -4 °C / 24.8 °F. The flexible PUMA can cover a wide variety of products with minimum set-up times.

400 cuts per minute

Max. cut-off length: 0,5 – 250 mm

Cross-section of product: 220 x 240 mm

Max. Infeed length: 1100 mm



Manufacturer Treif
Model Puma 1100 EB
Power 3.5 kW
Weight 300 kg
Main material stainless steel
Dimensions 2850 x 900 x 1450 mm