Slicer TREIF Divider 800

The TREIF Divider 800 is designed for cutting food products such as boneless meat, sausage, cheese or fish.

The TREIF Divider 800 is most commonly used to slice any cold cuts and hard cheeses. It is characterized by high efficiency: up to 3,200 patches per minute.
Cutting range from 0.5 to 20 mm (setting accuracy 1/100mm).

The unit is equipped with 3 spare cutting knives, 10 cutting frames and many spare parts.

Manufacturer TREIF
Model Divider 800
Type Automatic slicer
Power supply 380-400V
Power 8.2 kW
Efficiency up to 3200 cuts per minute
Weight 1250 kg
Min. product temp. -4 degrees Celsius
Dimensions of the chamber 120x130x1200 mm
Number of knives 3
Year 2004