Shrimps peeling line Uni-Food Seapeeler

Drastically reduce water usage, boost yield, and preserve shrimp flavor with the industry-leading Uni-Food Seapeeler line!

The Uni-Food Seapeeler 600 is a groundbreaking shrimp peeling machine that offers a range of benefits not found in standard solutions:

90% Water Savings: Unique system utilizes water only as a lubricant, protecting the natural taste and color of your shrimp.

Increased Efficiency: Precise process control allows for maximized yields and minimized waste.

Versatility: Machine adapts to different shrimp species, ensuring optimal results.

Easy Cleaning: Automatic roller cleaning minimizes downtime and ensures hygienic operation.

Low Maintenance Costs: Durable construction and full roller utilization reduce the need for servicing.


Complete Processing Line:

We offer a complete shrimp peeling line that includes:

Vibratory Feeder: Ensures smooth delivery of shrimp into the machine.

Pre-peeler 5007: Prepares shrimp for optimal peeling.

Discharge Conveyors: Transports finished, peeled shrimp.

Control Panels: Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation.


Invest in the Uni-Food Seapeeler 600 and enjoy:

Higher Profits: Increased yield and lower water costs.

Superior Shrimp Quality: Natural taste and color preserved through water-saving technology.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Drastically lower water consumption.

Ease of Use and Maintenance: User-friendly panel and low maintenance frequency.

Technical data:

1 x Seapeeler Flex

The Seapeeler Flex is the only peeling machine on the world market designed with unique patented features; setting a new standard for the global shrimp peeling industry.

The Seapeeler Flex benefits:

  • 90% water saving techniques
  • Higher yields and capacities – compared to the known standards
  • Programmable hardware
  • Horizontal peeling

The machine can be programmed enabling the Seapeeler Flex to be accurately adjusted to the current peeling process.

The Seapeeler Flex is designed with focus on optimizing all aspects of the shrimp peeling process which makes the Seapeeler Flex ground-breaking in all aspects.


On the Seapeeler Flex all rollers are joined; combining them into a chain that transforms the peeling

process into a horizontal process which reduces the water consumption with up to 90%.

Water is applied as a spray mist and functions solely as a lubricant.

Since the shrimps are not transported in water, the Seapeeler Flex ensures the colour and flavour is protected and maintained in the meat.


All moving elements can be programmed allowing the operator to be in absolute control of the shrimp peeling process.

The Seapeeler Flex can be adjusted to match the relevant species very precisely, increasing the yield and reducing the amount of waste.


All rollers are cleaned after passing the peeling section on the machine.

Shells and protein do not pile up in the inserts hereby the system reduces waste and increases yield.


The Seapeeler Flex is constructed cleverly in such a way that the rollers are only active in the peeling

section of the machine, furthermore the rollers are being used on the entire 360 degrees surface resulting in a

very low frequency of roller maintenance.

Technical specification:


SeaPeeler Crangon Flex 600

Power supply (standard):3×400/1x230v,50 Hz,16 Amp*

Motor:3×16 amp +1×0,37KW

Water connection:1×3/4″

Yield:Higher than known standards

Water consumption:Less 20 L/minute

Feeding hopper tank

Feeding Hopper including conveyor with a incline of approx.20 degrees.

Technical specification:

Power supply:1×0,37 KW,3x400v,50 Hz

Water connection:1×1”

Prepeeler 5007

Technical specification:

Power supply (standard):up to 7×0,25,3x400V,50Hz*

Water connection:1x /2″


1x Takeout conveyor

Technical specification:

Motor: 0,37 KW-3x440V, 50 Hz

Water connection:1×1/2”

Control box

1x Control box for 1 peeling line. With touch screen

Power supply:3×400/1x 230v, 50 Hz, 16Amp

1 x Control box for conveyor system. With touch screen

Power supply:3 x400/1x230v, 50 Hz,16Amp

  • ProducerUni-Food
  • ModelSeapeeler 600
  • Power supply3x400/1x230v, 50 Hz, 16A