Separator Lima RM 500 S

Lima RM500S is a separator designed to separate meat from bones, grinding the bones and separating the minced meat from the bone remains (deboning).

The advantage of the separators is their high efficiency: up to 45% for pork bones and up to 85% for whole poultry carcasses. The unit’s low energy consumption and small size make it suitable for most poultry plants.

The average throughput for poultry is 3,000 kilograms per hour and 1,800 kilograms per hour for pork.

  • ProducerLima
  • ModelRM500S
  • Typeseparator
  • Power30 kW
  • Height1750 mm
  • Width1150 mm
  • Length2600 mm
  • Weight1350 kg
  • Year of production2007