Sepamatic 410 soft separator – 2012

The SEPAmatic separator is a belt separator capable of squeezing more than other devices of this type.

It was created especially for the separation of poultry and red meat, where the strength needed for the treatment of these raw materials must be sufficiently high.

Double bearing arrangements and an effective tightness solution of the device, as well as equipping the raw material feed sensor as standard (the machine shuts down in case of cessation of raw material feeding – this is very important for the service life of the pressure belt) make SEPAmatica an extremely reliable device.

Device included with three sieves:

  • 1.3 mm – turkey or chicken bodies, necks and other bone elements (shredded)
  • 3 mm – chicken cutting residues, cleaning after hydraulic separator
  • 5 mm – turkey bottoms, harvesting one of the three beef


  • Producer
  • ModelSEPA 410
  • Typebelt separator
  • Power2.2
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height1500 mm
  • Width1350 mm
  • Length800 mm
  • Weight300 kg
  • Year of production2012
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