Sausage stuffer Handtmann VF 300

Handtmann VF 300 is a highly considered model in the meat industry. The electrically powered vacuum stuffer is an efficient machine that, thanks to the technical solutions used, offers high performance. Handtmann VF 300 is designed for filling and portioning meat products (coldcuts, sausages, sausages) and other food products.

The VF 300 stuffer from Handtmann isdistinguished by its highefficiency (10000 kg/h),high power(9.5 kW)and wideportioning range (from5 to 100,000g).

The Handtmann VF 300 vacuum stuffer guarantees exceptional precision, every product being machined is of the highest quality. This model is based on the paddle rotor – this solution ensures that stuffed and portioned products are not crushed and torn, which could lead to production losses.

The VF 300 is equipped with a pneumatic lift, which allows automatic loading of products. The convenience of use is also influenced by the ergonomic control panel, which facilitates the free and safe operation of the operator (even without much experience in operating this type of machines). Easily set the stuffer with a few buttons.

Handtmann VF 300 meat stuffer made of high quality acid-resistantstainless steel, which significantly extends the life of the machine and affects its resistanceto daily wear at work.

  • Producer
  • ModelVF 300
  • Typevacuum stuffer
  • Power9.5 kW
  • Power supply400 V, 50 Hz
  • Height210 cm
  • Width180 cm
  • Length140 cm
  • Weight1400 kg
  • Funnel capacity300 litres
  • PortionsPortion range from 5 to 100,000 g
  • Year of production1998