Poly Clip PDC 700 Semi-Automatic Clipper

PDC 700 is another version of this very widespread clipping machine. The machine is perfect for use in production plants of all sizes. This exceptionally good reputation of the PDC700 owes to its versatility (calibers from 38 to 115mm depending on the type of casing and natural intestine), successfully clips such important protein casings on the Polish market, achieving high work efficiency, friendly, intuitive operation, and high reliability. The machine comes in a table version or a much more popular driving version, whose comfortable, stable, the height-adjustable base further increases usability with convenient connection (mechanical and electric) with vacuum stuffer, easy re-treatment, or preparation for washing.

As for the semi-automatic model, the PDC700 has many unique solutions, improving its ergonomic operation, such as the

  • electropneumatic control;
  • adjustable range of motion of the stuffing squeezer, adapted to the product increases productivity and its special design facilitates cleaning of the casing tips;
  • an adjustable length service arm, individually selected by the operator;
  • a wide range of adjustments to the clipping process, allowing you to adjust to the specifics of the product – the closing force of the clip, the speed of operation of the clamping stamp, the height of the clip closure;
  • tool-free adjustment of the receiving tray – height and slope;
  • compact, with excellent access design, tightness confirmed by IP69K protection, quiet operation and ease of maintaining the highest standards of hygienic production.

The PDC700 has a rich list of accessories, optionally available: automatic loop feeder, automatic twine feeder for wiping sausages, pneumatic, movable brake holder, gut tensioner, ES4000 automatic labeling system or roll clips, minimizing interruptions for longer production runs.

The clipper works with 700 series clips.

  • Producer
  • ModelPDC 700
  • TypeSemi-automatic double clipper
  • Power0,1 kW
  • Power supply180-550 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Height1,795–2,005 mm
  • Width1,000–1,100 mm
  • Length780 mm
  • Weight118 kg
  • Year of production2010
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