POLY CLIP FCA3462 Automatic Clipper

The POLY CLIP FCA3462 automatic clipper is designed to close all types of casings (including protein casings) of 40 – 115mm caliber.

* vending machine for cooperation with all types of stuffers equipped with a portion
* automatic loop feeder
* stuffing spreader (clipping protein casings)
* electric strip to drain the bars
* electrical and mechanical connection to the stuffer
* movable, pneumatic brake
* twine feeder (clipping of wian sausages)
* end-of-cap sensor
* clipping speed: three speeds, maximum speed 90 times/min
* 6 bar pneumatic power supply

The clipper is mechanically and electrically connected to a stuffer equipped with a portion. At the beginning of the work cycle, a casing is put on the clipping funnel, after which the operator starts clipping the beginning of the casing. Then, when you press the start button, the stuffer realizes a fixed portion, followed by automatic clipping. Further work is carried out cyclically.

Device after renovation, with warranty. Includes a new funnel, brake and die.


  • Producer
  • ModelFCA 3462
  • TypeAutomatic clipper
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height190 cm
  • Width150 cm
  • Length150 cm
  • Weight800 kg
  • MaterialStainless