Poly Clip FCA 3463 Automatic clipper

The PolyClip FCA 3463 automatic clipper closes plastic, fiber and collagen casings in calibers from 40 to 120 mm. This caliber flexibility is achieved by quickly changing the clip size from 15 to 18 mm and the distance between clips from 30 to 36 mm. For loose and airless filling of molded products, an additional overfill is available with a total filling distance of 130 mm. The machine is equipped with an automatic loop feeder.


For bars from 40 to 120 mm diameter
Up to 120 cycles per minute, continuously adjustable
Robust stainless steel construction guarantees a long service life of the machine

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  • ProducerPoly Clip
  • ModelFCA 3463
  • Power2.8 kW
  • Height2170 mm
  • Width1300 mm
  • Length1575 mm
  • Weight625 kg