Paddle mixer with grinding head

Paddle mixer-grinder designed for grinding and mixing meat products. The large diameter of the throat (180 mm) ensures efficient work with the initial product. The device is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, making it resistant to external influences. Powerful and durable components ensure productivity throughout the operation and extend the life of your device.

The mixer is equipped with a mixing tank with two paddle shafts, a two-speed system, and a powerful engine for the smooth operation of several mixing paddles, which have been mounted alternately.

The grinder-mixer has efficient and modern paddles and nets that efficiently crush the preparations, ensuring the receipt of a high-quality final product.

A 1000 liter mixer with a capacity of 5000 kg/h is a proposal for any meat plant where it is committed to maintaining continuity of production. The machine has a modern mixing system, which allows you to get a large production gain.

Manufacturer Velati
Model TM180
Type paddle mixer-grinder
Power supply 400v
Capacity 1000 litres
Efficiency 5000 kg/h
Height 195
Width 110 cm / 200cm with loading bar for trolleys
Length 335 cm
Weight 200kg
Min. product temp. -4 degrees Celsius
Head 180 mm
mieszałka z załadunkiem
mieszadła łopatkowe
mieszałka z załadunkiem
mieszałka z załadunkiem
mieszałka z załadunkiem
mieszałka z załadunkiem
mieszałka z załadunkiem
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