Nowicki MAH-3200-PS Tumbler – meat block thawing machine

Nowicki MAH-3200-PS Tumbler is an advanced industrial device designed for defrosting meat, poultry, seafood and fish blocks. Thanks to modern technological solutions, the defrosting time is significantly reduced and the product quality remains at the highest level. The special blade system and efficient defrosting system guarantee efficient and reliable operation.



1. heating system + cooling system:
– Insulated cooling jacket around the perimeter of the drum.
– Glycol heat distribution system.
– External cabinet with controls, connecting to the plant steam system.
– Possibility of operation with stand-alone steam generator.
– External refrigeration unit.


2 Hydraulic system:
– Hydraulic system for raising and lowering the drum.
– Automatic operation programming.
– High reliability and long service life.
– Easy service access to all system components.



The machine is equipped with advanced safety features including:
– Safety system for the vacuum pump.
– RFID control and identification system.
– SCADA monitoring and recording system for operating parameters.


Examples of applications:
– Meat blocks
– Poultry blocks
– Seafood
– Fish


The Nowicki MAH-3200-PS Tumbler is a reliable solution for the food industry, providing high thawing efficiency and excellent final product quality.

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  • ProducerNowicki
  • ModelMAH-3200-PS
  • Power9.1 kW
  • Power supply3x400 V
  • Height2500 mm
  • Width2360 mm
  • Length4260 mm
  • Weight3000 kg
  • Capacity2000 kg
  • Year of production2013
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