Nowicki MA 1500 PSCH vacuum tumbler with cooling

The vacuum tumbler is designed for WET AND DRY MARINATION, tenderising and softening the meat in vacuum during the production of ham, shoulder, sirloin, bacon, and very soft pieces of chicken (chicken breasts) as well as chicken quarters. A properly selected shape of the paddles in the drum, and wide adjustment range of vacuum, rotations and the work period and original system of chilling the drum casing enables to achieve the required quality parameters of the tenderised meat, to increase the output of the finished product, to achieve the optimum binding of proteins, and to reduce the mixing time to a minimum*. with no negative effect on appearance of fresh meat muscles.

  • ProducerNowicki
  • ModelMA-1500 PSCH
  • Power3.8 kW
  • Height1940 mm
  • Width1420 mm
  • Length2760 mm
  • Weight1350 kg
  • Year of production2007
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